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Bug iOS 8.3 and Bluetooth GPS

The iTabNav company sent me information regarding all current owners of a GPS Bluetooth-powered for iPad Wi-Fi, as GNS2000 or BadElf.

At the present time Apple iOS 8.3 no longer works with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. It seems that the Apple Location Services in latest version iOS 8.3 doesn't transmit the GPS data received from these GPS receivers GNS2000 to the application for navigation.
Apple Inc.. is aware of this bug iOS and promises a solution as soon as possible. I hope that this problem will be solved in the next few days.
Several manufacturers applications for navigation have warned before update iOS 8.3 as BadElf, see :

Hope for users impacted an iOS version 8.3.1 will come quickly fix this bug. Can be expected because an update must quickly fix another bug much more important for Apple : the troubleshoooting of the Touch ID on many devices.

Weekends onboard training « Navigate with an iPad» 2015

For the third consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-CATAMARAN, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation. New for 2015 : weekends training will also take place on the Atlantic coast starting from La Rochelle In addition to the traditional start from the ACM HQ Le Gapeau, near Hyères. I teach these weekends of training dedicated to navigation on tablets "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of training on Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans.

Calendar 2015 planned dates are as follows :

  • Hyères : 14-15 March; 21-22 March; 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 25-26 April; 9-10 May; 19-20 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Lagoon 380, 400, or Nautitech Open 40.
  • La Rochelle : 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 11-12 April; 18-19 April; 25-26 April; 30-31 May; 6-7 June,; 12-13 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Nautitech 442. (continue…)

Navigation Mac tutorials #4 -Navigate with iSailor

The Mac Navigation tutorials collection is enriched by a new opus, a multimedia user's guide iSailor (*) in French : mapping and settings, options and subscriptions, basic functions, advanced functions, interfaces with instruments. From purchasing and loading charts to TCP / IP connection, a step by step teaching helps you master all the functions of the application.

  • 33 double-pages
  • 74 screenshots
  • 17 video tutorials

Read with the Apple iBooks on iPad and Mac OS X application 10.9 and .. Pricing : 8,99 € on iBook Store.

WARNING : This guide is intended for users of French-language. It is a complement to aid in English available on the developer's site. Free preview allows you to see all of the topics summary.

(*) See tickets for iSailor

Reset the time Iridium phones

Iridium will reset the system on its satellites time the 3 March 2015. Iridium calls this "re-epoching" after this date, the Iridium mobile (as the Iridium Extreme, 9555, 9505At, 9505 and 9500) display a time incorrect system until users enter a string of numbers in their device, for the two most recent, either reset the date and time for the other older. (continue…)

What iPad for navigation ?

You are more likely to wonder about the choice of an iPad to use navigation. Unfortunately did not have time to respond to every request (retirement is still beyond my horizon), a ticket is required. Almost three years after a similar article (¹), of course now completely obsolete, It was time to redo this issue. (continue…)

Iridium stops the distribution of the AxcessPoint router [Update]

Iridium announced in its distribution network shutdown late February router WiFi AxcessPoint (¹) which allows an iPad or an iPhone to connect to an Iridium phone to access a messaging service.

No need to worry to have for current users : the associated Iridium messaging service will remain active and accessible to all users. Those who would like to buy this device can still find it in stock at iTabNav and other distributors in France, but it can no longer be ordered from the 25 February. (continue…)

Navigation Mac - tutorial weather tutorials V 2.0

New version 2.0 of Weather Tutorial, Introduction to shipping weather.

Fully revised and enriched by new illustrations and videos, This tutorial aims to bring the fundamentals necessary for the browser to ensure its own security.

From weather understanding up to request and decode weather forecasts and GRIB files, This guide offers, After a reminder of the basics of meteorology, a practical and concrete to access relevant information approach, view and analyze.

Understand the present weather, consider the future weather, use the most recent technologies to receive weather forecast, in coastal shipping and offshore, all these subjects are treated in the most simple and didactic way as possible.

  • 52 double-pages
  • 99 screenshots
  • 14 videos

To be read with the iBooks app for iPad and Mac OS X (10.9 and +) 9,99 €

Receive graphical weather maps on iPad

Analysis and forecast weather maps developed by the NOAA cover vast areas of the globe. They can be obtained by visiting the dedicated web page from NOAA, but also by e-mail by sending a request to the British company MailaSail weather Server. With the latter, many maps are available by a list simply click on the links to load queries into a ready to send message (¹). (continue…)

iNavX and iSailor offer more functions

The year 2015 barely begun, developers already deliver us their applications developments, probably developed between two glasses of champagne during the holidays. I consider iNavX and iSailor as the two best navigation apps so far under iOS. These are the ones that offer the most extensive functions and the selection of the best charts. They each have their qualities and their defects, and I took advantage of the innovations introduced by their recent update to attempt a quick comparative price/functions.

Warning, this exercise is associated with a snapshot vision, valid today but quickly obsolete tomorrow, as changes are rapid in this domain. On the other hand it is always difficult to share the objective and subjective aspects in a comparative, I was already confronted in the past (¹). (continue…)

New GFS grid 0.25° model

By a notification corrected the 23 December 2014 (¹), the NWS (National Weather Service) NOAA has announced a major update of its weather predictions GFS model to be effective in mid-January 2015. Actually, This model is partially available on an experimental basis since early December.


On March Global Forecast System (GFS) is a model of weather forecasts produced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) dependent of the NWS. Dozens of variables (²) atmospheric and terrain are available through this data set, Since temperatures, winds and precipitation to moisture from the soil and the concentration of atmospheric ozone. The world is covered by the current GFS model with a horizontal resolution 27 km between grid points to 10 day. The horizontal resolution is 70 km for forecasts between one week and two weeks. The GFS model is a coupled model, composed of four distinct models (an atmospheric model, an ocean model, an Earth model, and a sea ice model), who compete together to give an accurate picture of weather conditions. Changes are regularly made to the GFS model to improve the performance and accuracy of forecasts. Gridded data are available for download via the NOMADS servers (National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System) and widely used by application developers in the world.