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Iridium GO! and data transfer : the disappointment

My previous post entitled Iridium GO! keeps its promises, functionally no doubt. But I also wrote :

[...] baud rates identified during my tests, with systematic passage of satellite over my position, were disappointing : from 39 up to 52 seconds to connect to the server, download speeds 1119 up to 1616 bps at best. To compare, with Iridium 9575 and external fixed antenna, I got the connection time of 14-15 sec. and download rates that have often largely exceeded the 2400 bps up to sometimes more than 3000 bps (³). Only flip-up antenna of GO! seems inadequate, the slow rate of transfers increasing the connection time and the final invoice.

I have therefore undertaken, Thanks to my partner E SAT which let me use this device with adding the antenna connector, test by connecting Iridium GO! an external Sailor antenna, already used two years ago for a comparison between Iridium and IsatPhone (¹).


Navigation Mac is 5 years old !

5-ansLaunched at the same time as the iPhone 3GS and iNavX app, and a few months before the first iPad, This blog follows since 5 years the exponential growth of mobile devices used in marine navigation.

It was worth to mark the occasion ! (continue…)

iPolar 2.0 and new Weather4D arrived

iPolar 2.0 comes with several improvements, which one expected from the origin : the ability to export the polar by mail. Done, and more export of polar (simple or multi-voiles) is done systematically in 3 file formats : CSV, TXT and POL. What reuse polar with any application on Mac, PC or other mobile devices.

The dream !


How to update charts with iNavX [Update]

With iNavX, with iPhone like iPad, charts update goes through two processes. It is necessary to distinguish individual charts update, and update full charts folders with a new edition. (continue…)

Fugawi specifies charts purchase conditions on X-Traverse

In two previous posts I explained Navionics new trade policy as well as changes for the purchase of charts into the website (¹).

Misunderstandings have led me to request clarification on the modalities of activation of charts region, and despite some repetitions already outlined above, Here is a summarized development of the terms and conditions currently offered by X-Traverse. (continue…)

Iridium unifies the use of its mobile devices

Since the release of Iridium GO! (¹) There were two different pages of subscription (for free) to messaging service, and two applications (iOS/Android) to connect to the Iridium devices. Now there is only one application : Iridium Mail & Web application to connect to the router AxcessPoint, either Iridium GO! (continue…)

Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]

Since its announcement last February, the GO! is expected to come from dealers at the beginning of this month. Company E SAT gave me one to conduct some tests. Although too late to perform these tests at sea, the Quai des Antilles on the island of Nantes offers a wide clearance also than the deck of a boat, enough to capture satellites of all-round. Two types of test were conducted : requests and receipts of GRIB weather files from an iPad featured with Weather4D PRO app, functions related to the telephony from an iPhone.

Iridium GO! in the Buren Rings on the Quay of Antilles. An invitation to travel ?


Navigation Mac tutorials #4 - Weather Tutorial

A new tutorial in the iBook collection of Navigation Mac : Weather Tutorial, Introduction to shipping weather.

From weather understanding up to request and decode weather forecasts and GRIB files, This tutorial provides the fundamentals required for boaters to ensure their own safety. Understand the present weather, consider the future weather, use the most recent technologies to receive weather forecast, all these subjects are treated in the most simple and didactic way as possible.

  • 52 pages
  • 98 screenshots
  • 8 videos

To be read with the iBooks app for iPad and Mac OS X (10.9 and +) 8,49 €

iSailor, Navionics, X-Traverse, What's new in the summer

This year the striking news arrived during the summer, While boaters at sea, for most often far from internet. I view finally after several weeks of absence, the most interesting of them. A little late, you could say, for those who are returning to work ! (continue…)

Navionics charts trade policy [Update-5]

Trade policy for Navionics charts purchased on the website x - has - again - been reviewed in recent weeks, at the same time as the 'My Account' page has changed. These changes are unfortunately not all positive.

The renewal of the charts purchased was proposed for two years at a price of half of the initial purchase price, what had seemed a reasonable offer. This offer is gone for mobile media, and is maintained only for MacENC and applications for PC. This means that users who want to keep their charts updated beyond the first year must renew their chart folder at the initial purchase price. I find this totally counterproductive, as this will encourage many users of this excellent mapping not to renew their files and use them in the State for several years.

[Update 25/08/2014] Changes in the site X-Traverse (continue…)