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Weekends onboard training « Navigate with an iPad» 2016

Training ACM

The ACM basis in the Gapeau River

For the fourth consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-Catamaran, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation.

In 2016 training weekends are programmed at the outset of Hyères (Base Le Gapeau) and at the start of La Rochelle (Port des Minimes). I moderating most of these weekends dedicated to navigation on shelf "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of intensive training vehicle Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans for 3 up to 6 people in a private cabin.

Calendar 2016 :

  • Hyères (The Gapeau) on Lagoon 380, Lagoon 400S 2, or Nautitech Open 40
    • 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 April
    • 4-5, 11-12, 25-26 June,
    • 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 September
    • 1-2, 8-9, 15-16 October


Actors of the electronic charting [6 years later]

In April 2010 I published a ticket to locate the main actors of the electronic charting. Passing time, to refresh this information, because of the last movements of companies.


The purchase of C-Map by Altor investment fund to Jeppesen (Boeing group) the last month has been mentioned recently in this blog. It allows to bring back in Europe one of the leaders of the private charting that will be closely associated with the Group Navico, and its three brands of marine electronics Simrad, B&G and Lowrance.


This brand designs maritime and terrestrial navigation software for PC and Mac , provides a charting service via the server X-Traverse, and sell some mobile equipment and accessories dedicated to navigation. We learn that Fugawi just be purchased to the Canadian Northport Systems Inc.. by the American family company Johnson Outdoors located in Racine, Wisconsin. It will probably allow to associate this new acquisition with the navigation devices Humminbird already held by this company. (continue…)

Survey : which application for which navigation ? [Results]

For this 300th blog Navigation Mac entry (Eh, yes, time flies !), I invite you to a survey to find out what charting application is the most used according to the type of practiced navigation. From daily trip to ocean crossing, the need is not the same and this should necessarily guide the choice of the navigation application. But it has yet to prove. Of course we speak here only Apple iOS on iPhone and iPad applications.

After two weeks and 260 answers, here are the results.


2016 Year of GALILEO

Since my first post on GALILEO end 2011 (¹), Europe's space has increased. Despite the economic uncertainties and many budgetary restrictions, Course and schedule have been maintained thanks to a community political flawless. This is to be welcomed because many other areas of European action didn't have the scoop.

The year 2016 has already been dubbed "the year of GALILEO".. This was the clear message of the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit (²) early March. The Munich Summit covered all GNSS systems, but this year focus was squarely on GALILEO. (continue…)

Cache me these tiles !

A cache is, in computing, a memory that stores a copy of the data from a source, in order to reduce access by computer hardware or application in reading time . About Weather4D 2.0 the data source is the internet (Geogarage servers) and the cache storage uses the non-volatile flash memory of iPad.

The scanned raster charting is broken down into portions of 256 x 256 pixels called "tiles" ". Each scale level has its own tiles coming to replace the tiles of lower level while zoom-in or higher when zoom out. The computing power of recent mobile GPUs, associated with tiles storage in memory cache, allows the use of "tiled" display process making seamless scale switching. tilesThis implements the tens, or even hundreds of tiles depending on the details density of a selected maritime area. Compression algorithms come furthermore increase display speed, as well as the geographic coverage for a given cache memory size.

But why cache tiles ? (continue…)

Weather4D 2.0.11 a bunch of new features and improvements

Delivered in AppStore this morning after two weeks of revisions and contre-revisions of Apple services, still more picky, the new version is finally available. On the menu and in bulk : AIS by internet with AISHub, direct access to Geogarage and cache memory chart management, new model of GRIB weather forecast from Meteo-France AROME HD for inshore races, full-screen mode, advanced distance calculations, the most visible. Under the hood also a lot of optimization for routing and power consumption. Review of detail to follow… (continue…)

The Miniplex-3Wi-N2K finally available

Expected for almost two years, hoped more, we despaired… but here it is in my hands. Alleluia ! The Wi-Fi NMEA0183 multiplexer, Gateway NMEA2000 and translator SeaTalk is available in France (¹).

The same size and as light as his little brother, Miniplex-2Wi (²), its plug terminal is significantly neater : no need for screwdriver, the connectors are equipped with spring clamps. The signage is also much more readable in color, and 4 lights leds allow a look to check the operation : strings scrolling NMEA2000 and/or NMEA0183, connection to a Wi-Fi device, and overflow if applicable.

But the apparent simplicity is misleading and the thing hides a real potential.


C-Map back to Europe

Yachtmen my friends, do you know Altor ? Of course not, don't look for, me either until this morning. Altor is an investor in Northern Europe that presents itself as :

"Altor is a family of private equity funds focused on investing in and developing and medium sized companies with’a Nordic origin. We want to create enduring values and make a real difference as a valuable partner for owners and managers in buiding of world class companies. We work with a Nordic team with extensive international experience in fields such as private equity, consulting, investment banking and various industrial sectors."

But why I'm talking about ? (continue…)

Fugawi specifies charts purchase conditions on X-Traverse [Update-2]

In two previous posts I explained Navionics new trade policy as well as changes for the purchase of charts into the website (¹).

Misunderstandings have led me to request clarification on the modalities of activation of charts region, and despite some repetitions already outlined above, Here is a summarized development of the terms and conditions currently offered by X-Traverse. (continue…)

DataLinker and Sail Racer arrive us from Lithuania

SailRacer UAB is a small Lithuanian company founded in 2013 by a team of experienced developers and regatta passionate . They design solutions for the sailors and clubs, both software and devices, focusing on developing applications and essential accessories to the processing of navigation data for mobile devices and their operation through the Cloud. They provide an application specifically dedicated to the regatta, Sail Racer, and the first Bluetooth NMEA gateway in the market, DataLinker.

DataLinker, a Bluetooth NMEA gateway

The DataLinker allows to receive data from the instruments on a smartphone, a tablet or other compatible mobile device, thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology (¹). You can use wind data, Compass, log, sounder and GPS with any dedicated application connected to the internet in Wi - Fi and so share this data via the Cloud.