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iNavX and iSailor offer more functions

The year 2015 barely begun, developers already deliver us their applications developments, probably developed between two glasses of champagne during the holidays. I consider iNavX and iSailor as the two best navigation apps so far under iOS. These are the ones that offer the most extensive functions and the selection of the best charts. They each have their qualities and their defects, and I took advantage of the innovations introduced by their recent update to attempt a quick comparative price/functions.

Warning, this exercise is associated with a snapshot vision, valid today but quickly obsolete tomorrow, as changes are rapid in this domain. On the other hand it is always difficult to share the objective and subjective aspects in a comparative, I was already confronted in the past (¹). (continue…)

New GFS grid 0.25° model

By a notification corrected the 23 December 2014 (¹), the NWS (National Weather Service) NOAA has announced a major update of its weather predictions GFS model to be effective in mid-January 2015. Actually, This model is partially available on an experimental basis since early December.


On March Global Forecast System (GFS) is a model of weather forecasts produced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) dependent of the NWS. Dozens of variables (²) atmospheric and terrain are available through this data set, Since temperatures, winds and precipitation to moisture from the soil and the concentration of atmospheric ozone. The world is covered by the current GFS model with a horizontal resolution 27 km between grid points to 10 day. The horizontal resolution is 70 km for forecasts between one week and two weeks. The GFS model is a coupled model, composed of four distinct models (an atmospheric model, an ocean model, an Earth model, and a sea ice model), who compete together to give an accurate picture of weather conditions. Changes are regularly made to the GFS model to improve the performance and accuracy of forecasts. Gridded data are available for download via the NOMADS servers (National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System) and widely used by application developers in the world.


The emotion is unsustainable [Update]

Iridium Mail & Web is once again fully usable

Since release Apple iOS 8 early October 2014 the app Iridium Mail & Web application (which replaced AxcessPoint Mail & Web application) was no longer able to export an attachment in another application by the function "open in".… ". This fact could no longer use a weather GRIB file received as an attachment from the SailDocs server in any application, mainly Weather4D PRO. It took more than 3 month for two successive updates come correct this problem severely handicapping for client users of Iridium :
[Update 21 November 2014] Version 1.0.6 Finally fixes this bug, but unfortunately adds others including rotating display.
[SHIFT-2 of 6 January 2015] Version 1.0.9 fixes bugs display and delete messages (removing rotation, too strong !).

Weekends board training « Navigating with an iPad» 2015

ACM-catamaranFor the third consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-CATAMARAN, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation. New for 2015 : weekends training will also take place on the Atlantic coast at the start of La Rochelle In addition to the traditional start of the basis The Gapeau ACM, near Hyères. I encadrerai so these weekends of training dedicated to navigation on shelf "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of training on Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans.

Calendar 2015 planned dates are as follows :

  • Hyères : 14-15 March; 21-22 March; 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 25-26 April; 9-10 May; 19-20 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Lagoon 380 or 400.
  • La Rochelle : 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 11-12 April; 18-19 April; 25-26 April; 30-31 May; 6-7 June,; 12-13 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Nautitech 442. (continue…)

Nautical documents on electronic media

Since the publication of the D240 division revised, applicable from the date of May 1st 2015 (see my previous article), It is now official that the mandatory nautical documents can be embedded in digital form.

2.06.6 The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (RIPAM), or a summary text and graphics, possibly in the form of adhesive platelets, or on electronic media and its playback device.
2.06.7 A document describing the marking system of the area attended, possibly in the form of adhesive platelets, or on electronic media and its playback device.

2.07.5 The book of fires maintained or available on electronic media and its playback device.
2.07.12 The official tide tables, or an equivalent annual document produced from it. It may be on paper or digital. These documents are not required in the Mediterranean.

Most of them now in free download, This will allow a substantial gain of place in the library the edge and economy. So here is a quick inventory of the french official and private documents, available in PDF format, that can be saved in the library Apple iBooks on iPhone and iPad. (continue…)

Are electronic charts prescribed in France ? [Update]

This question comes back to me from time to time, and as no one is supposed to ignore the law, I feel obliged to make my contribution to the edification of the crowds (boating) providing a collective response.


Manual or electronic navigation, which to choose ?


Raster Charts… the comeback

All boaters that make me the great pleasure to follow this blog have understood , I'm up to this day the advocate of vector charts for navigation on mobile electronics applications. I am expressed in many tickets :

Self-quoted (¹) :
I have already expressed, and I still say that the raster chart is no longer suited to modern computing devices such as tablets, smartphones and smaller laptops. Display inconvenient, file size too big, no database, difficulty update, etc."

According to the good old adage that only fools don't change opinion, recent technical developments hardware and software, recently added maritime events, led me to reflect on the accuracy of my opinion. Trained in the old school of safety in Glénans Sailing School, the only bias I have to authorize me to express is the safeguarding of human life at sea. This may cause a little "old goatee" for some, but I assume. Hang in there, This is gonna be long. (continue…)

Compass Eye and SeaNav, good surprises from Pocket Mariner

At the bend of a search on App Store for my previous post, I found out under the term "Simrad" an application that furiously reminds me of something. From research to research, I discover the company Electric Pocket. This British applications publisher develops some applications for mobile since 1997, and recently some applications nautical under the name Pocket Mariner. This company is based in Wales, United Kingdom, and deals with partners from around the world.

Marine electronics manufacturers and the Tablet phenomenon

A few days before the opening of Nautic Paris boat show where, I remember, I will be present on the stand iTabNav (Hall 2.1 – D31), an overview is required. And precisely, in our immediate horizon we will have, like every year, the proximity of their representatives and marine electronics manufacturers.

In the previous edition of the boat show, I could see the nervousness - not to say hostility - manufacturers respect the phenomenon Crescent of tablets and other smartphones on the market of navigation. (A) promote these devices and their applications, I do probably not have only friends in this environment. However, the strong pressure of the purchasers of boats, and so navigation electronics, a forced such manufacturers to incorporate a minimum of interactivity between their own equipment and mobile devices now owned by a majority of browsers.

What prompts me to do a quick update on the State of the supplied applications and the progress of the proposed functions.