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Reed's Digital Almanac : The Bible of anglophile yachtmen

For those who navigates in the English Channel and along British shores, an elementary English language practice is a great help. Except know order a « Pint of Guinness » or a plate of « Fishes and Chips » at the first pub landed, nautical books in English reading, with help of a French-English Navy terms lexicon is a valuable asset. English navigation guides are among the best in the world, to the extent that many of them have been translated into French, as Imray Guides.

But if there is one absolutely essential, It is the Reed's Nautical Almanac, « The» English Bible for boaters. A pad of several hundred pages, fortunately available today in digital version on iOS. (continue…)

Weekends onboard training « Navigate with an iPad» 2016

1. Training ACM

The ACM basis in the Gapeau River

For the fourth consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-Catamaran, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation.

In 2016 training weekends are programmed at the outset of Hyères (Base Le Gapeau) and at the start of La Rochelle (Port des Minimes). I moderating most of these weekends dedicated to navigation on shelf "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of intensive training vehicle Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans for 3 up to 6 people in a private cabin.

Calendar 2016 :

  • Hyères (The Gapeau) on Lagoon 380, 400S2, or Nautitech Open 40
  • La Rochelle (Minimes) on Nautitech 442
    • 19-20, 26-27 March
    • 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 April
    • 30 April-1st may, 21-22 May
    • 4-5, 11-12, 18-19 June,
    • 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 September
    • 1-2, 8-9, 15-16 October

Either the same dates for two departure bases. For each weekend, the selection will be made on the basis of entries.


Iridium GO! A positive feedback [Update]

Following my previous entries (¹) concerning this satellite communication device, I stayed wary on the interest of this product despite its indisputably innovative character, indisputable ergonomics, and an excellent quality/price ratio. Defects in youth who have taken a long time to be resolved, and especially a substantially lower data transfer rate (²) other brand devices (Iridium 9555 and 9575) had overshadowed for me the positive aspects, mainly concerning requests for GRIB weather files.

Fortunately, a test of several weeks in October and November during an Atlantic conveyor, and a new commercial offer [see Update], were right my reticence.


Navily facilitates the stops in a few taps

In recent years, the French startups have blossomed into the world of boating. UniverSail, Samboat, Hey Captain, Nauting, DoLink, ShareMySea, Boaterfly, SailSharing, BigSkipper, and I certainly forget. Their common denominator is to appeal to digital to implement an idea that intends to provide a unique service to boaters. How many will survive ? Hard to say, but they all have the merit of dust papa yacht aimed at the younger generation of practitioners of watersports. Community information sharing, co-location, « bla-bla-boat», as many answers to new attitudes in the practice of recreational boating.

Among them, one particularly seduced me, Navily. A simple idea indeed : community sharing of information on the 'good' moorings and reservations online short term stops in marinas, from an application on smartphone (iOS, Android). Nothing exceptional, you could say. But wait until you see l ’ packaging…


Buy charts on Geogarage

Weather4D 2.0 offers a choice of raster charts from many international hydrographic services . Charts folders are available for application on the French web server Geogarage. Charts are subject to an annual subscription by Publisher directly on Geogarage website After creating an account. Once the subscription to a Publisher done, the entry in Weather4D 2.0 credentials created in Geogarage activate display of subscribed folder , ready to be downloaded. Procedure step-by-step :


Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, APP4NAV company just revisit chart navigation on iPad and iPhone by integrating the timing dimension. With simulations and weather routing, navigation becomes predictive, allowing a constant anticipation of future weather conditions and sea state. That « Navigation in the future», relied on the quality of meteorological and oceanographic predictions today available, was designed in order to bring a new dimension to the safety of boaters. (continue…)

OS X 10.11 El Capitan et System Integrity Protection

Important information for users or GPSNavX MacENC on Mac OS X.

If you made the update of your operating system to OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" (¹) you may encounter difficulties, or impossibility, to recognize the devices connected to your USB ports, such GPS, AIS and Multiplexers. Actually, two actions are imperative to do. Follow the guide… (continue…)

Signal K Project, the ’ universal open source exchange of marine data

You will soon hear about Signal K, un standard de communication de données marines, developed in open source, which aims to replace the standard NMEA (0183 and 2000) technically overwhelmed by the exponential development of connected objects. Designers intend to make an open and free protocol developers and industrial customers, for s & rsquo; free of the constraints of NMEA standards : cost of licenses, flow limits, limit the number and types of & rsquo; camera, failure to adapt to complex environments, wireless communications, therefore incompatible with the & rsquo; Internet of Things and & rsquo; tout court internet.


Does Navionics charting become dangerous [Update] ?

Since the beginning of the navigation season, many boaters have found an increasing number of errors on Navionics charts, as a result of recent updates, all media. A bit everywhere in Europe, Germany, Baltic countries, French coasts of the Channel and until Spain, appeared non-existent channels and erroneous soundings, missing soundings, missing information, contradictory bathymetric information depending on the zoom levels, and so on. The most important is that these findings are made by assiduous users of long-standing Navionics cartography, experienced navigators.

[Corrective update 26 August 2015]
[SHIFT-2 amendment October 2015] See end of entry. (continue…)

AIS for Dummies

With the progressive generalization of the AIS (transceivers) on board our yachts (¹), and their mandatory presence aboard a large part of merchant ships, capacities for display and processing of targets (surrounding vessels equipped with a transceiver) have significantly improved our security. Still need to know how to interpret this information that, in high-traffic areas, can quickly become a real headache.

In such a situation, better have a quick diagnosis of the risk of collision !