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iNavX 4.0.0 improves charting

inavxiNavX 4.0.0 greatly improves the display of raster charts : continuous seamless tiled charts (¹) and access to a new Navionics Gold chart : 50XG covering almost the entire Pacific Ocean. (continue…)

ZenLoch, Loch boat 3rd millennium

After sextant future (¹), presented at the Paris Boat Show in December, here is the log of the future revisited by a "Professeur Tournesol" electronics engineer and inventor of Nantes engineering.

The oldest among us will certainly remember this venerable and inexpensive instrument of old sailing ships : le « loch à bateau ». Quote (²):

The "boat" is a wooden board, ballasted to float vertically and connected to the line by a loch bridle. On the line of nodes is made, prince of spatiality in 7m71 (is 1/240e nautical mile). It puts the "Ship To" water and let slip the line. Then there are, from the first node, how many nodes pass in hand 15 seconds, which gives the speed in knots.


AIS Transponder, dedicated antenna or antenna splitter ?

spl2000I relayed a recent article here on the blog Digital Yacht which provides an excellent discussion of the choice of antenna for an AIS transponder install. You will find below a translation freely adapted by me.

One of the most frequent questions asked by boaters who want to buy an AIS Class B Transponder : which antenna VHF use ? (continue…)

What iPad for navigation ?

You are more likely to wonder about the choice of an iPad to use navigation. Unfortunately did not have time to respond to every request (retirement is still beyond my horizon), a ticket is required. Almost two years to the day after a similar item (¹), course now obsolete, I will try to make a point on this issue. (continue…)

IsatPhone 2 the new Inmarsat satellite phone

The war is open between the two leading operators worldwide satellite phone. After the announcement of GO! by Iridium (¹), this is IsatPhone 2 by Inmarsat.

Inmarsat will deliver its new mobile satellite phone on March 24 next. IsatPhone 2 target the high end market of satellite telephony. Described as "a fine device combined with a feeling of high quality", it has additional options and more features than the previous model IsatPhone Pro (²), such as GPS tracking, assistance button, or incoming calls notification with antenna stowed. (continue…)

Receive facsimile weather maps with an iPad

An SSB receiver for leasure boating

Our friend Jean Debeze (¹), hard user and tester for many applications and materials discussed on this blog, told me of his last installation aboard "Lady Jane" (²) : receiving facsimile weather maps with SSB radio.

HF Weather Fax by Black Cat Systems is an application for decoding facsimile weather maps on an iPad, an iPhone or Android device. The analysis and forecast maps are provided by radio stations around the World. Broadcast on shortwave, they can easily be received by SSB receivers as found in catalogs for pleasure.

iSailor 1.6.0 relooks the user interface

Since 14 February iSailor came up with a new interface. Little change for charting, but a completely redesigned user interface and enhanced with new features. More, the position can be obtained in different ways : either device location services (Built-in GPS with your iPad / iPhone), either GPS of AIS transponder if you are provided. Soon be added the board GPS via WiFi. (continue…)

AIS-Wi-Fi transponder less then 590 EUR

Camino-108WThe Taiwanese company Alltek Marine Electronics Corp, also known by the acronym AMEC, spreads specialized for 2006 in the design and manufacturing equipment AIS. In his presentation, AMEC announces that was founded with the aim to provide the best marine electronics for navigation, communication and security. In pursuing this goal, AMEC is committed to provide AIS solutions to meet customer expectations for the quality, the performances, values ​​and services. Its solutions address to commercial vessels, fishing vessels until pleasure boats. (continue…)

Navionics Boating : Italian at the top of business [Update]

How make the new with the old ? Navionics knows ! After publishing geographic areas including a navigation application, now here is an application, but without charting. Italian are too much !

Navionics Boating complements, since January 2014, the collection of applications Marine (iPhone) until Marine HD (iPad). Also available as standard version for iPhone and HD for iPad, Navionics Boating has the same version number 6.0 than others. Navionics point, on dedicated page its website, that Navionics "Boating" does not replace Navionics "Marine" which will continue to be updated. However, it is permissible to ask for how long, because this new application provides a very bad surprise. (continue…)

Iridium GO! promises to connect you – almost – anywhere

Iridium GO!We read in the news

Global satellite company aims at the consumer market with Iridium GO! : pack it for camping or world travel (¹).

In all public places where you can connect wirelessly to the Internet today, Wi-Fi is not yet ubiquitous. And if you are a boater, backpacker, pilot, camper or someone who spends a lot of time in nature, the chance to connect to cyberspace in some remote locations is almost impossible. It is not just data. Try making a cellular phone call in such places !