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GALILEO and the Apple mobile

Within a month of the launch by Ariane 5 four new satellites of the GALILEO constellation to 18 satellites, manufacturers of components of location have already presented their new chips of location supporting the European GNSS. This allowed the Spanish company BQ to propose early September the first smartphone "Galileo-ready., equipped with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, the Aquarius X 5 more.

We could expect to find the same chip in the iPhone 7 from Apple, that fitted for the iPad and iPhone 4S 3 all its mobile devices with Qualcomm communication processors, integrating GPS reception (US) and GLONASS (Russian), it is not. With this latest smartphone, Apple revives Broadcom, waived for 2012 to ensure these functions, by integrating a chip BCM47734.


Weather4D tutorials 2.0

French and English tutorials Weather4D 2.0 have been recently updated.


The main novelty was to include subtitles in videos to improve understanding of « gesture», English term used in French which sums up in the context of touchscreens « movements of the hand and fingers to perform an action».


Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates

ShipModul manufacturer comes to provide on its web site two major updates to dowload for its multiplexer Miniplex-3 :

  • Firmware Miniplex-3 V.1.17
  • Firmware Wireless V.1.4

Two update files, featured with a procedure (in English), are packaged in a single folder WiFi V1.4.0.0. Download. The implementation can be done with the configuration utility MPX-Config V.2.1.0 minimum, available in PC and Mac versions. (continue…)

Responsive Web [Update]

Definition (*) :

Responsive Web design is a Web design approach which aims at the development of sites offering a reading and optimal for the user navigation experience regardless of its model range (mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, desktop monitors).

A user experience « Responsive» successful implies a minimum of resizing (zoom), crop, and multidirectional scrolling of pages.

My web site a facelift. It was high time to adapt it to the mobile devices that are flooding the planet. (continue…)

The Weather4D 2.0 new is arrived

No holiday for developers ! I mentioned the upcoming new tests at our long journey from Corsica to Normandy last May. After several weeks of finalization, and mainly to adapt early to future iOS 10 available this fall, here is the delivery of the new version 2.0.15 of Weather4D 2.0. Addition of new highly anticipated features.


GPS and iPad Wi - Fi + Cellular

Early January 2011 I wrote started the year in a bad mood (¹) After finding repeated incompetence of Apple sellers, during Christmas, concerning devices they sold, mainly iPad and iPhone. I note unfortunately as 5 years later, nothing has changed, it is to despair !


Stopovers – the digital version of the Marine block

I wrote at the beginning of this year the largest although I thought of Digital Almanac, the digitized version of the Reed's Nautical Almanac. The Figaro group, Publisher of the www, owner of weather-Consult / The weather channel and the edge book – Bloc Marine, published since late 2014 «Guides stopovers., the digitized version of the Navy block on iBook Store. (continue…)

Application for navigation ?

I'm not a follower of the comparative tables for applications, and I already said, so it is difficult to measure and compare completely subjective aspects such as ergonomics, the graphic quality of a user interface, the speed of execution of such and such function. However, a recent comment in a previous article I was sufficiently annoyed that this makes me an attempt of comparison of purely objective aspects, namely the offered functions and prices. (continue…)

What iPad for navigation ? [Update]

You are more likely to wonder about the choice of an iPad to use navigation. Unfortunately did not have time to respond to every request (retirement is still beyond my horizon), a ticket is required. Four years after a similar article (¹), of course now completely obsolete, It was time to redo this issue. (continue…)

Roseanor, 2000 nautical miles against the grain around Europe

Conveying a boat from Corsica to Normandy in May, It's a bit like making around the world backwards from East to West, in more modest. Two thousands nautical miles on the water against winds and tides, four and a half weeks at sea, with thirteen days forced stopover awaiting for good weather conditions, three hundreds and fifty hours of engine to support the sails, 1000 litres of diesel fuel, multiple Corsican, Spanish and Portuguese wines bibs, to calm our nerves, a few packs of water to calm the thirst, and hundreds of hours to test the new features in development of… Weather4D 2.0 !


1920 nautical miles in direct route


Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new

Updated on 17 May, Navionics Boating presents some modifications, in the presentation and functionality.

First of all only subsist Navionics "Boating" for iPhone and "Boating HD" » for iPad. The old names have disappeared, happily because confusion was great. Version purchased with built-in charting has the name of the region, for example "Europe HD" for iPad. On the other hand, there is a free version called "Seas and Lakes" which allows to test then buy a chart of the area of choice, and additional options. (continue…)

Actors of the electronic charting [6 years later]

In April 2010 I published a ticket to locate the main actors of the electronic charting. Passing time, to refresh this information, because of the last movements of companies. (continue…)