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iOS 8.4 Fix bug GPS Bluetooth

Expected for a long time. In fact since the release of iOS 8.3 that included a bug preventing the Bluetooth GPS to provide position applications (iNavX and Co).

Apple today announced, between other corrections :

Other improvements and bug fixes
• Fixed an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data

iTabNav confirms me that its tests with the GNS 2000 and the BadElf are positive. Alleluia !

Satellite phones : prices increase in France

If satellite telephony tariffs, mainly Iridium and Inmarsat, have not evolved in the U.S.A., this is not the case in France. After storage removal of products remained on the shelves, new distributors supplies have suffered a sharp rise. Actually, the combined action of Euro decline and French VAT rise obligated to a significant prices increase, both the material as communication SIM vouchers, pre-paid or post-paid. (continue…)

Use your iPhone as a GPS for MacENC

gps2ipIt knows already the principle allowing to send NMEA data from MacENC to iNavX on iPhone or iPad (¹), hence to use boats instruments connected to the Mac to provide location for iNavX.

The opposite is also available. The app GPS2IP, developed by Capsicum Dreams, allows to use an iPhone or iPad Cellular GPS to get location in MacENC. Translated into French, very easy to use, GPS2IP displays a single page user and a settings page. That's all. (continue…)

Reading : 'Electronic charting' HS48 Voiles et Voiliers

Since late 2012 I found no more of maritime books causing me the overwhelming desire to share, like a few novels described in this topic 'Reading'. Today this feeling resumes me, in any other order of idea, the reading of the amazing Hors-Série n ° 48 of Voiles et Voiliers : " Understand and use electronic charting ". (continue…)

Iridium NEXT maintains its calendar

June 2012, I wrote a post on the future constellation of communications satellites Iridium NEXT. Then scheduled for operational in commissioning 2017, a recent interview (*) Denis Allard, Director of the Iridium NEXT at Thales Alenia Space program, confirms this calendar.


NV Chart extends coasts of France from SHOM

In previous entry I presented the SHOM raster charts provided by many publishers on iPad. In recent weeks the German charts Editor NV Verlag offers two new areas ending coverage of the coasts of France Atlantic and English Channel. These charts are usable in iNavX on iPad/iPhone, GPSNavX and MacENC on Mac OS X.


The new TimeZero arrived

You remember the launch of TimeZero in June 2013 and the interest aroused among the many users of MaxSea on PC. I wrote then :

MaxSea is already planning future developments in its application. The next major release will probably see the connection to external instruments WiFi, file transfers (waypoints, routes and tracks files) with other applications, perhaps openness to other charting editors

We waited, hoped, and then Pschiiitt ! More no developments since that date other cosmetic improvements in November 2013 before the Paris boat show. More no contact for me with the developers (I was tester for beta versions). More no news for a year until reported rumors of the last METS of Amsterdam stating that integrating ongoing development (finally) the AIS, and also the WiFi radar DRS4W Furuno. It is now made from the 23 April. (continue…)

Bug iOS 8.3 and Bluetooth GPS

The iTabNav company sent me information regarding all current owners of a GPS Bluetooth-powered for iPad Wi-Fi, as GNS2000 or BadElf.

At the present time Apple iOS 8.3 no longer works with external Bluetooth GPS receivers. It seems that the Apple Location Services in latest version iOS 8.3 doesn't transmit the GPS data received from these GPS receivers GNS2000 to the application for navigation.
Apple Inc.. is aware of this bug iOS and promises a solution as soon as possible. I hope that this problem will be solved in the next few days.
Several manufacturers applications for navigation have warned before update iOS 8.3 as BadElf, see :

Hope for users impacted an iOS version 8.3.1 will come quickly fix this bug. Can be expected because an update must quickly fix another bug much more important for Apple : the troubleshoooting of the Touch ID on many devices.

Weekends onboard training « Navigate with an iPad» 2015

For the third consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-CATAMARAN, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation. New for 2015 : weekends training will also take place on the Atlantic coast starting from La Rochelle In addition to the traditional start from the ACM HQ Le Gapeau, near Hyères. I teach these weekends of training dedicated to navigation on tablets "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of training on Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans.

Calendar 2015 planned dates are as follows :

  • Hyères : 14-15 March; 21-22 March; 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 25-26 April; 9-10 May; 19-20 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Lagoon 380, 400, or Nautitech Open 40.
  • La Rochelle : 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 11-12 April; 18-19 April; 25-26 April; 30-31 May; 6-7 June,; 12-13 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Nautitech 442. (continue…)

Navigation Mac tutorials #4 -Navigate with iSailor

Navigation Mac's tutorials collection is enriched by a new opus, a multimedia user's guide iSailor (*) in French : charting and settings, options and subscriptions, basic functions, advanced functions, instruments connection. From purchasing and loading charts to TCP/IP connection, a step by step teaching helps you master all the functions of the application.

  • 33 double-pages
  • 74 screenshots
  • 17 video tutorials

Read with the Apple iBooks on iPad and Mac OS X application 10.9 . Pricing : 8,99 € on iBook Store.

WARNING : This guide is intended for users of French-language. It is a complement to English help available on the developer's website. Free preview allows you to see all of the topics summary.

(*) See entries about iSailor