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Navigation Mac tutorials #4 -Tutorial weather

A new tutorial in the collection of Navigation Mac iBook : Tutorial weather, Introduction to weather marine.

Understanding of weather to queries and decoding weather reports and forecasts of the GRIB files, This tutorial provides the fundamentals required for browsers to ensure their own safety. Understand the weather, consider the time it will, use the modern technologies of reception of the forecast, all these subjects are treated in the most simple and didactic way possible.

  • 52 pages
  • 98 illustrations
  • 8 video

Compatible with the iBooks app for iPad and Mac OS X (10.9 and +) 8,49 €

iSailor, Navionics, X-Traverse, What's new in the summer

This year the striking news arrived during the summer, While boaters at sea, for most often far from internet. I view finally after several weeks of absence, the most interesting of them. A little late, you could say, for those who are returning to work ! (continue…)

Testimony that pleased

Our North Atlantic tour ends, We leave Menorca (superb) for Toulon tomorrow morning.

Iridium + AxcessPoint + Weather4D PRO have super well work, routing allowed us to perform a super transat return course (never less than 15 knots, never more than 20 knots) in an excellent weather window.
Finally, the iPad and the waterproof case (Andres Industries) are still like new… Thanks apart to the replacement ear pads kit you had offered to the Nautic 2012 in Paris. Thank you ! And thanks again for phone troubleshooting assistance provided that allowed us to serenely leave Toulon 11 months ago.
Good luck to you also,
Bernard Durand-Gasselin and Simone Noto, on Volitans


Routing and safety precautions

With the advent of powerful weather-routing applications on our tablets and smartphones, as Weather4D PRO and SailGrib WR, at really affordable prices, Routing democratizes for boating. The quality of these applications already seduced the amateur sailors, and even some high-seas professional riders, but also a growing number of leisure boaters. Riders use the routing in the essential interests of performance, achieve the fastest route from one point to another, so leisure boaters are more focused on getting safer and more comfortable routes. For them, the concept of speed is used primarily to avoid periods of bad weather, and the optimized route to escape from areas where sea and wind conditions can be dangerous. The routing is also used in this : even in powerboating, you may try to avoid too much wind speeds or wave heights to ensure ypur crew comfortable and serene trip. But what credit grant routing ? (continue…)

Navionics charts trade policy [SHIFT-5]

Trade policy for Navionics charts purchased on the website x - has - again - been reviewed in recent weeks, at the same time as the 'My Account' page has changed. These changes are unfortunately not all positive.

The renewal of the charts purchased was proposed for two years at a price of half of the initial purchase price, what had seemed a reasonable offer. This offer is gone for mobile media, and is maintained only for MacENC and applications for PC. This means that users who want to keep their charts updated beyond the first year must renew their chart folder at the initial purchase price. I find this totally counterproductive, as this will encourage many users of this excellent mapping not to renew their files and use them in the State for several years.

[Update July 25/08/2014] Changes in the site X-Traverse (continue…)

IsatPhone 2 the new Inmarsat satellite phone [Update]

The war is open between the two leading operators worldwide satellite phone. After the announcement of GO! by Iridium (¹), this is IsatPhone 2 by Inmarsat.

Inmarsat will deliver its new mobile satellite phone on March 24 next. IsatPhone 2 target the high end market of satellite telephony. Described as "a fine device combined with a feeling of high quality", it has additional options and more features than the previous model IsatPhone Pro (²), such as GPS tracking, emergency button or the receipt of calls with the folded antenna. (continue…)

Advocacy for free European data

This could be a subject of the Bachelor's degree in economics, and although I am never presented me with this review (post-soixante-huitarde inconsistent and cancrisme Chronicle) the topic seems sufficiently imminent and serious to try to treat, from my modest point of view. (continue…)

On 14 March 2011 I had announce the opening of an e-commerce website focused in accessories, mounts and connexion devices dedicated to iPhone and iPad for marine navigation : Since then, its founder and I have maintained a close collaboration, our complementary actions to make an effective response to all new users of these wonderful tools suitable for nautical activities. Many of you were able to meet me on several occasions on his stand, both the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle and the Paris Nautic boat show.

After three years of existence, Dominique Gauthier company has grown considerably, at the point of wanting to expand its offer to other users than boating : outdoor sports, hiking, trekking, fitness, and all the leisure time activities for which many targeted applications are now available, so much for Apple devices than for the market growth of Android devices.

Thus, iPadNav has announced in a press release the change of name of its website in July 1 2014, in a desire to open his offers to all useful accessories for tablets and smartphones, regardless of brand or operating system, and for all leisure activities.

Hope that this new extended offering meet the same success as for leisure boating and sailing, because will offer on a unique french website of the specialized products scattered on multiple foreign websites. With service and a local french support as a bonus.

With IsatHub, Inmarsat promises to connect - much - faster

After the announcement with great pump of the GO! by Iridium few month ago, but not yet available, Inmarsat has introduced IsatHub at CommunicAsia show which just closed its doors in Singapur. The competition is tough between the two industrial, but unlike Iridium more oriented towards mainstream users, Inmarsat is aimed primarily at a professional market.

IsatHub is a WiFi hotspot allowing to connect all mobile devices to Inmarsat satellite network. No need cellular towers, IsatHub provides aworldwide connectivity to your tablets and smartphones.

Navigation Mac tutorials #2 – Navigate with iNavX [English version]

iBook tutorial «Navigate with iNavX» is now available in English.

A comprehensive multimedia iBook guide about iNavX use : basic functions, advanced functions, interfaces with instruments. From purchasing and loading charts to TCP / IP connection, a step by step teaching helps you master all the functions of the application. Free updates with major new features coming up.

  • 45 pages
  • 74 illustrations
  • 14 video

Available in 51 Apple iBook Stores the price of $9.99.

Compatible with the application iBooks Apple iPad and Mac OS 10.9 « Mavericks ».