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Terms of purchase of the cards on Fugawi charts [Update-3]

In two previous posts I had explained the new Navionics commercial policy as well as changes to the site to buy cards Fugawi/Charts (¹).
Misunderstandings […]

The new boundaries of the NV Charts

I had presented in may 2015 the excellent German Publisher Verlag NV NV Charts raster maps. In 2016, the previous cutting in 4 areas for […]

iNavX 5.0 from Charybde to Scylla

The major update 5.0 of iNavX, issued late August, has unfortunately been a long and painful birth for new developers, and […]

Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new

Updated on 17 May, Navionics Boating presents some modifications, in the presentation and functionality.
First of all only subsist Navionics […]

Actors of the electronic charting [6 years later]

In April 2010 I published a ticket to be the main actors of the electronic mapping. Passing time, It should be […]

Cache me these tiles !

A cache is, in computing, a memory that stores a copy of the data from a source, in order to decrease the read access time […]

C-Map back to Europe

Yachtmen my friends, do you know Altor ? Of course not, don't look for, me either until this morning. Altor is an investor in the North of […]

Buy charts on Geogarage

Weather4D 2.0 offers a choice of raster charts from many international hydrographic services . Maps files are made available for application by […]

Does Navionics charting become dangerous [Update] ?

Since the beginning of the navigation season, many boaters have found an increasing number of errors on Navionics charts, as a result of the […]

Reading : 'Electronic charting' HS48 Voiles et Voiliers

Since late 2012 I found no more of maritime books causing me the overwhelming desire to share, like a few novels described in this topic […]

NV Chart extends coasts of France from SHOM

In a previous post I introduced the SHOM raster maps proposed by different publishers on iPad. In recent weeks the German charts Editor […]

Are electronic charts prescribed in France ? [Update]

This question comes back to me from time to time, and as no one is supposed to ignore the law, I feel obliged to make my contribution to […]