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Iridium NEXT maintains schedule [Update]

June 2012, I wrote a post on the future constellation of communications satellites Iridium NEXT. Then scheduled for operational commissioning […]

Iridium GO! A positive feedback

Following my previous entries (¹) concerning this satellite communication device, I stayed wary of this product despite its interest […]

Iridium GO! finally corrects its shortcomings [Update]

Iridium has just published an update of its Iridium GO device firmware! to correct a number of dysfunctions, including the slow […]

Satellite phones : prices increase in France

If satellite telephony tariffs, mainly Iridium and Inmarsat, have not evolved in the U.S.A., this is not the case in France. After […]

Iridium stops the distribution of the AxcessPoint router [Update]

Iridium announced in its distribution network shutdown late February router WiFi AxcessPoint (¹) which allows an iPad or an iPhone from […]

Iridium Mail & Web is once again fully usable

Since release Apple iOS 8 early October 2014 Iridium Mail application & Web (which replaced AxcessPoint Mail & Web) was no longer […]

Iridium GO! and data transfer : the disappointment [Update]

My previous article entitled Iridium GO! keeps its promises, functionally no doubt. But I also wrote :

[…] flows identified during […]

Iridium unifies the use of its mobile devices

Since the release of Iridium GO! (¹) There were two different pages of subscription (for free) to messaging service, and two applications (iOS/Android) for is […]

Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]

Since its announcement in February, the GO! is expected to come from dealers at the beginning of this month. The company E - SAT me in […]

IsatPhone 2 the new Inmarsat satellite phone [Update-2]

The war is open between the two leading operators worldwide satellite phone. After the announcement of GO! by Iridium (¹), Here IsatPhone 2 by Inmarsat.
INMARSAT will deliver […]

With IsatHub, Inmarsat promises to connect - much - faster [Update]

After the announcement with great pomp of GO! Iridium a few months ago, but not yet available, INMARSAT has released IsatHub to the fair […]

Iridium GO! promises to connect you – almost – anywhere

We read in the news
Global satellite company aims to mass-market with Iridium GO! : win it for camping or the Tower […]