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Christmas shopping at the Nautic Paris

For the first time since 5 years I'm not moving to the Paris Nautic boat show. For the first time so I am […]

GALILEO and the Apple mobile

Within a month of the launch by Ariane 5 four new satellites of the GALILEO constellation to 18 satellites, manufacturers of components of […]

Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates

The manufacturer ShipModul just put for download on his web site two major updates of its multiplexer Miniplex-3 :

Firmware Miniplex-3 V.1.17
Wi - Fi firmware […]

GPS and iPad Wi - Fi + Cellular

Early January 2011 I wrote started the year in a bad mood (¹) After finding repeated incompetence of Apple sellers, during Christmas, […]

Application for navigation ?

I'm not a follower of the comparative tables for applications, and I already said, It is very difficult to measure and compare […]

What iPad for navigation ? [Update]

You are more likely to wonder about the choice of an iPad to use navigation. Unfortunately not having the time of […]

2016 Year of GALILEO

Since my first post on GALILEO end 2011 (¹), Europe's space has increased. Despite the economic uncertainties and many budgetary restrictions, heading […]

The Miniplex-3Wi-N2K finally available

Expected for almost two years, hoped more, we despaired… but here it is in my hands. Alleluia ! The Wi-Fi NMEA0183 multiplexer, gateway […]

DataLinker and Sail Racer arrive us from Lithuania

SailRacer UAB is a small Lithuanian company founded in 2013 by a team of experienced developers and regatta passionate . They design solutions for […]

Garmin and gadgets for geeks

In 2013 the world leader in recreational GPS has designed the Quatix ®, a GPS watch waterproof allowing browsers to display on their wrist all […]

AIS for Dummies

With the progressive generalization of the AIS (transceivers) on board our yachts (¹), and their mandatory presence aboard a large part […]

AIS, VHF/DSC radio and LEDs lights

The Department of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, has published in date of 4 August a security alert Marina on light bulbs […]