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GALILEO and the Apple mobile

Within a month of the launch by Ariane 5 four new satellites of the GALILEO constellation to 18 satellites, manufacturers of components of […]

GPS and iPad Wi - Fi + Cellular

Early January 2011 I wrote started the year in a bad mood (¹) After finding repeated incompetence of Apple sellers, during Christmas, […]

2016 Year of GALILEO

Since my first post on GALILEO end 2011 (¹), Europe's space has increased. Despite the economic uncertainties and many budgetary restrictions, heading […]

Use your iPhone as GPS for iPad Wi - Fi

Following my recent post on GPS2IP, to use (tentatively) of an iPhone GPS to transmit the position to MacENC on Mac, can be […]

The American GPS evolving

As the number of receivers GPS greatly increases, so does our dependency on the GPS, but satellites are subject to wear out and age.
THE U.S. Air […]

iOS 8.4 Fix bug GPS Bluetooth

Expected for a long time. In fact since the release of iOS 8.3 that included a bug preventing the Bluetooth GPS to provide the […]

Use your iPhone as a GPS for MacENC

It knows already the principle allowing to send NMEA data from MacENC to iNavX on iPhone or iPad (¹), et ainsi d’utiliser les instruments du […]

Bug iOS 8.3 and Bluetooth GPS

The iTabNav company sent me information regarding all current owners of a GPS Bluetooth-powered for iPad Wi-Fi, as the GNS2000 […]

iPad GPS far away from networks

For those who do are not yet fully convinced, despite my assertions in many posts (¹), Here again is an example of the accuracy of […]

New Bluetooth GPS Receiver for iPhone and iPad

Two years after the GNS 5870 MFI and GNS 1000, Global Navigation Systems distributes since December 2012 its new Bluetooth GPS, GNS 2000. […]

BeiDou-2 Chinese GPS

China launched its 16th satellite positioning system satellite BeiDou-2. Like all other Chinese satellites, the latter has been […]

iPhone 5 and GPS

With iPad 3, Apple dropped the A-GPS chipsets from Broadcom BCM475x series that equipped the iPad 1 and 2 and iPhone […]