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Christmas shopping at the Nautic Paris

For the first time since 5 years I'm not moving to the Paris Nautic boat show. For the first time so I am […]

AIS for Dummies

With the progressive generalization of the AIS (transceivers) on board our yachts (¹), and their mandatory presence aboard a large part […]

AIS, VHF/DSC radio and LEDs lights

The Department of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, has published in date of 4 August a security alert Marina on light bulbs […]

AIS Transponder, dedicated antenna or antenna splitter ?

I relayed here a recent article published on the blog of Digital Yacht which brings an excellent discussion on the selection of the antenna to install […]

AIS-Wi-Fi transponder less then 590 EUR

The Taiwanese company Alltek Marine Electronics Corp., also known by the acronym AMEC, has specialized 2006 in the design and manufacture of AIS devices. In […]

XB-8000 new transponder AIS WiFi for mobile devices

Vesper Marine, company established in 2007 in Auckland (New Zealand), specializes in the design of devices for AIS data broadcasting. Their latest product, […]

An AIS WiFi transponder iNavX compatible

Several AIS receivers are already available with a WiFi hotspot and TCP/IP protocol, as the excellent Digital Yacht IAIS. German company […]

AIS, the second maritime revolution after the GPS

AIS takes a growing place, for two or three years, in the concerns of leisure boaters. Several articles refer in this […]