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Terms of purchase of the cards on Fugawi charts [Update-3]

In two previous posts I had explained the new Navionics commercial policy as well as changes to the site to buy cards Fugawi/Charts (¹).

Misunderstandings have led me to request clarification on the modalities of activation of charts region, and despite some repetitions already outlined above, Here's a summary point of the terms and conditions currently proposed by the new Fugawi Charts download site (ex-X-Traverse).

Fugawi Charts account

The purchase of cards on the website Fugawi Charts through opening an account creating a personal space. This space allows you to store charts folders and waypoints files, routes, and tracks from applications such as MacENC and iNavX. This space is also used for the transfer of the GRIB weather files from these same applications. Such a Cloud " dedicated to the navigation. You can also transfer files directly on the web site in the page " My Cloud Storage ". The big advantage is to be able to save all its data in the event of loss of the device used.

This subscription is free and unlimited.

Charts pricing and renewal

Navionics charts selling prices are set by Navionics itself, plus an amount for service costs provided by Fugawi using its file server Fugawi/Charts. This is valid for all editors.

Charts region are differentiated depending on the device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC) and the application used. The rates differ according to these media. Which implies that :

  1. The same charts folder are usually cheaper with iPhone than with iPad, and even less with computers.
  2. Cannot use same chart folder for different types of device : using both iPhone and iPad, in example, must buy two different charts region.

I said new cards Navionics records purchased for iPhone ARE NOT for use on iPad, and vice versa. If you have these two devices, you need to purchase charts successively for each of them.

The price of a region includes update capacity during ONE YEAR. At the end of this period, you can no longer update your charts, but they can be stored on its support as long as this support exists or that there is no accidental erasure. If you want to retain update option, you must renew subscription.

About Navionics, Since 1 March 2016, the renewal price is to 50% the initial purchase.

Warning : If you do not renew your subscription, accidental loss (or erasure) maps on your media for any reason whatsoever (handling error, loss during an update of the OS, aso.) will be final. You will not be able to download them and will have to buy again.

Activation and validity

When you buy a chart region, TWO records are deposited into your account in your page «» My Products ". A first folder is activated as soon as you download from a device (iPad, iPhone, Mac or other). This activation has two consequences :

  1. Your charts folder is locked to your device identification number, Therefore, you cannot use it on another.
  2. The counter decrements every day the number of days of validity remaining before your subscription expires.

You can read : "You can use your cards on. 1 additional device.. It therefore remains a second activation available, for a future device identical (iPad, iPhone or computer).

Below you can read : "You can download your maps for another." xxx days '.. If you enable your two folders on two different devices for different dates, for example two iPad, the expiration date will always to the first activation.

(¹) Navionics charts trade policy [Update-5]
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  1. Jean this:

    Partial update ?
    With iNavx, I would do a partial update of a local map.
    With version 5, I have not found the procedure.
    Is it still possible ?

    1. Francis this:

      It has not changed, Jean, always accessible from a card with the button (i) information down to the right, then export top-left icon in the menu drop-down. See my tutorial page 11.