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Navigate with Android ?

android marineYes, you read well : Navigation Mac talks about Android !

The issue of maritime navigation applications on Android begins to ask. At least I'm starting to get interested. First for a reason : the standard version of Weather4D will be available in a few weeks on Android, compatible with many devices (tablets and smartphones) and several versions of the operating system. It will be a good start.

As I know Olivier Bouyssou, it will not be a sub-version of iOS Weather4D but rather an identical implementation, even with some new useful feature. Here is a small illustration :

Multi-window forecasts, by 2 to 4 simultaneous views depending on the size of the screen.

At the moment the application library remains poor. But no doubt it is expected to increase gradually.

The difficulties are great for developers, face of multiple versions of the O.S. and especially the growing number of multi-brand devices with unequal quality built-in components and features. A real headache. Given the uniqueness of Apple devices and the ease of implementation of the SDK provided by Apple, who will win ? Time will tell. Otherwise, the total lack of waterproof protection and means of support can not, today, boarding Android devices, except the few waterproof smartphone models.

Anyway, I decided preemptively to open a blog dedicated to the navigation on Android : Android Marine. The Fans need only follow the link.


  1. QUESNEL dit:

    For all resistant to apple which has its excessive rates is probably a good thing that will allow more browsers to equip this application W4D.
    Hopefully «some new useful» versions of Android will also be carried by Olivier Bouyssou IOS.

    1. Yes I confirm, the innovations introduced by the Android version will also be available in IOS. But not being able to do it at the same time, they arrive later (a vice versa).

  2. Raphael dit:

    I think the people who follow this blog are primarily interested in the qu'amène revolution in the tablet and smartphone navigation. For my own opinion, one blog containing all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows…) would be more interesting. I'm not sure that this segmentation platform is so wise, if I can afford a board drive.
    Furthermore, Android is expected to become the dominant platform and the change will be quickly. « Smart move » therefore be interested.
    Many interesting waterproof products already exist in Samsung, Both Sony and other smartphone and tablet that not «rare models». These products avoid having to buy an expensive shell, hard to find, cumbersome and makes use of more complicated terminal.
    The price / quality ratio is much better in Android. Single supply application is late again but it's only a matter of time.

    1. Francis dit:

      Mac Navigation is a blog, as explained in the page «A propos», complements my website, previous several years. It is devoted exclusively, for navigation part, applications and hardware dedicated to the world Apple, I've been promoting in France. I do not want to deviate from this link, or cause confusion in the minds of visitors to both sites. I do not want to mix the two worlds Apple and Google, especially not enter an empty controversy.
      The future belongs primarily to users who naturally guide to their devices and applications that seem best suited to their needs. I have no exclusive in terms of platform, Windows unless I absolutely do not want to deal. My concern is only to provide, within the limits of my skills, the least biased information to help browsers to address these new technologies as part of boating.

  3. Bresson dit:

    I'm not a fan of apple and look at how the competition is organized. It is indeed time to be interested in the Android world.
    I just acquired a Nexus tablet 7. In terms of hardware, top notch. Performances, dimension, lightness, wifi, full sunlight readability, top notch, Apple far behind.
    And then, one enters the Android ecosystem. The absolute horror. Little choice, no water applications, App of botched, Google which locks you into their system. Here, it's really heavy heavy. Apple still has good days ahead. Just go to the Android forums, it is instructive.


  4. Vincent Guillaume dit:

    There are also fans of the apple, with a hole in the portfolio, sailing with a phone and a Samsung tablet for obvious reasons of economy ;-) FYI, display Navionics works perfectly on Android (Phone&Tablet), and love to see happen Weather4D … Good things come to those who wait ;-) And Congrats to Olivier for this great app.

  5. Hello everyone

    For navigation applications on Android, a little patience…
    There will soon be a version available for Android ScanNav, called «ScanNav Compagnon». She is currently in Beta, and is available to users ScanNav PC with mapping SnMap (After cards SHOM and UKHO)

    For an overview of features: