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MacOS 10.12 Sierra et System Integrity Protection

In November 2015 OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" introduced the SIP service (System Integrity Protection) designed to improve system security by preventing […]

The new boundaries of the NV Charts

I had presented in may 2015 the excellent German Publisher Verlag NV NV Charts raster maps. In 2016, the previous cutting in 4 areas for […]

OS X 10.11 El Capitan et System Integrity Protection

Important information for users or GPSNavX MacENC on Mac OS X.
If you did update your operating system to […]

iNavX changes hands

New developers, new logo, new splash page, and new web site.
Version 4.7.0 just be issued by NavX Studios LLC, the company that bought […]

NV Chart extends coasts of France from SHOM

In a previous post I introduced the SHOM raster maps proposed by different publishers on iPad. In recent weeks the German charts Editor […]

Manage marine charts on the server

Since May 2009, Fugawi company commissioned a download site charts. By means of an annual subscription to […]

Connect Miniplex-2USB with GPSNavX/MacENC

The multiplexer Miniplex USB-2 (¹) by ShipModul company can connect all the instruments on board directly to a USB connector on your Mac. […]

GPSNavX 6.0 on the Apple App Store

The first navigation app by Richard Ray is available directly from the App Store since yesterday at price 45 EUR.
The new purchasing department […]

Connect GPSNavX/MacENC with an AIS

It is increasingly common to see an AIS receiver, Automatic Identification System (*), receiver above yacht's chart tables. […]

The GRIB files in GPSNavX and MacENC

The weather in these two applications menu to a query of a forecast GRIB file and then view it on the map […]

Dead reckoning with GPSnavX / MacENC

As is mentioned in GPSNavX and MacENC Help pages, under "Simulator", You can use the function Simulator for […]

A commendable business attitude

Richard Ray, GPSNavX, MacENC and iNavX, has officially confirmed on the forum it already practiced long :

« When MacENC or […]