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The new boundaries of the NV Charts

I had presented in may 2015 the excellent German Publisher Verlag NV NV Charts raster maps. In 2016, the previous cutting in 4 areas for […]

iNavX 5.0 from Charybde to Scylla

The major update 5.0 of iNavX, issued late August, has unfortunately been a long and painful birth for new developers, and […]

iNavX changes hands

New developers, new logo, new splash page, and new web site.
Version 4.7.0 just be issued by NavX Studios LLC, the company that bought […]

Connect an iPhone over Wi-Fi to a Mac [Ad-hoc network]

In my old tutorial video iNavX No. 2 – Advanced features", I explained (minute 15'45 '') how connect Wi - Fi on an iPhone iNavX MacENC on […]

NV Chart extends coasts of France from SHOM

In a previous post I introduced the SHOM raster maps proposed by different publishers on iPad. In recent weeks the German charts Editor […]

iNavX and iSailor offer more functions

The year 2015 barely begun, developers already deliver us their applications developments, probably developed between two glasses of champagne during the holidays. […]

Navigate with iNavX iBook in German

A new version of my tutorial navigate with iNavX in German with the help of Jochen Luhrs, iNavX app localizer in German.
DAS […]

How to update charts with iNavX [Update]

With iNavX, with iPhone like iPad, charts update goes through two processes. It is necessary to distinguish the update of […]

Navigation Mac tutorials #2 – Navigate with iNavX [English version]

iBook tutorial « "Navigate with iNavX"» is now available in English.
A comprehensive multimedia iBook guide about iNavX use : basic functions, fonctions […]

iPad GPS far away from networks

For those who do are not yet fully convinced, despite my assertions in many posts (¹), Here again is an example of the accuracy of […]

iNavX 4.0.0 improves charting [Update]

iNavX 4.0.0 greatly improves the display of raster charts : continuous seamless tiled charts (¹) as well as access to a brand new […]

iOS7 and navigation applications

The latest version of iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has caused a lot of updates to compatibility. This time, […]