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Shipped with ACM Catamaran courses 2017

In 2017 My collaboraton with ACM Catamaran is renewed. I will be training 'Navigate with an iPad' weekend embarked on one of the catamarans […]

Stopovers Guide 2017

I mentioned last July Guide « Stopovers», digital version of the block Navy published by the Figaro group. It would seem that the remarks I had […]

The Weather4D 2.0 new is arrived

No holiday for developers ! I mentioned the upcoming new tests during our long journey of Corsica to the […]

Stopovers – the digital version of the Marine block

I wrote at the beginning of this year the largest although I thought of Digital Almanac, the digitized version of the Reed's Nautical Almanac. The […]

Application for navigation ?

I'm not a follower of the comparative tables for applications, and I already said, It is very difficult to measure and compare […]

Survey : which application for which navigation ? [Results]

For this 300th blog Navigation Mac entry (Eh, yes, time flies !), I invite you to a survey with the aim of knowledge […]

Weather4D 2.0.11 a bunch of new features and improvements

Delivered in AppStore this morning after two weeks of revisions and contre-revisions of Apple services, still more picky, the new version is finally available. At […]

Reed's Digital Almanac : The Bible of anglophile yachtmen

For those who navigates in the English Channel and along British shores, an elementary English language practice is a great help. Except know order a « Pint […]

Iridium GO! finally corrects its shortcomings [Update]

Iridium has just published an update of its Iridium GO device firmware! to correct a number of dysfunctions, including the slow […]

VirtualBox : increase the size of virtual disk [Update]

VirtualBox on my MacBook I can, for a while, to use some applications unavailable with OSX. In example, Some applications of configuration. I produced, sur mon […]

Celestial, navigation on iPhone and iPad [Update]

The company Navimatics Corp., located near Seattle, state of Washington, moved since October 2010 a complete application for celestial navigation. for iPhone, iPad, and […]

Receive graphical weather maps on iPad

Analytical maps and weather forecasting developed by the NOAA (USA) and the Met Office (UK) cover vast areas of the globe. They can […]