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Shipped with ACM Catamaran courses 2017

In 2017 My collaboraton with ACM Catamaran is renewed. I will be training 'Navigate with an iPad' weekend embarked on one of the catamarans […]

Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available on the Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, the APP4NAV company just revisit the Cartographic navigation on iPad […]

Météo-France GRIB files finally for free

A year after my advocacy for free European data (¹) Weather France finally offers free access to its two famous forecast models […]

Navigation Mac - tutorial weather tutorials V 2.0

New version 2.0 the tutorial weather, Introduction to shipping weather.
Fully revised and enriched by new illustrations and videos, This tutorial aims to bring […]

Receive graphical weather maps on iPad

Analytical maps and weather forecasting developed by the NOAA (USA) and the Met Office (UK) cover vast areas of the globe. They can […]

New GFS grid 0.25° model

By a notification corrected the 23 December 2014 (¹), the NWS (National Weather Service) NOAA has announced a major update of […]

iPolar 2.0 and new Weather4D arrived

iPolar 2.0 comes with several improvements, which one expected from the origin : the ability to export the polar by mail. Done, and more export […]

Routing and safety precautions

With the advent of powerful weather-routing applications on our tablets and smartphones, as Weather4D PRO and SailGrib WR, at really affordable prices, Routing […]

Advocacy for free European data

This could be a subject of the Bachelor's degree in economics, and although I am never presented me with this review (due to incompatibility […]

Receive facsimile weather maps with an iPad

Our friend Jean Debeze (¹), hard user and tester for many applications and materials discussed on this blog, made me part of his last installation […]

Weather4D still makes greater finesse

With the basic 1.3.3 and PRO versions 1.3.9 delivered in November, Weather4D had replaced the GRIB files fine mesh of Great Circle […]

Weather4D PRO 1.3.3 improves routing

No respite for this application : two and half months after joining the currents in the routing calculation, This latest version […]