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Terms of purchase of the cards on Fugawi charts [Update-3]

In two previous posts I had explained the new Navionics commercial policy as well as changes to the site to buy cards Fugawi/Charts (¹).
Misunderstandings […]

Navionics Boating 9.0 the point about what's new

Updated on 17 May, Navionics Boating presents some modifications, in the presentation and functionality.
First of all only subsist Navionics […]

C-Map back to Europe

Yachtmen my friends, do you know Altor ? Of course not, don't look for, me either until this morning. Altor is an investor in the North of […]

Does Navionics charting become dangerous [Update] ?

Since the beginning of the navigation season, many boaters have found an increasing number of errors on Navionics charts, as a result of the […]

How to update charts with iNavX [Update]

With iNavX, with iPhone like iPad, charts update goes through two processes. It is necessary to distinguish the update of […]

iSailor, Navionics, X-Traverse, What's new in the summer

This year the striking news arrived during the summer, While boaters at sea, for most often far from internet. I finally discovered […]

Navionics charts trade policy [Update-5]

Trade policy for Navionics charts purchased on the website x - has - again - been reviewed in recent weeks, at the same time as […]

iNavX 4.0.0 improves charting [Update]

iNavX 4.0.0 greatly improves the display of raster charts : continuous seamless tiled charts (¹) as well as access to a brand new […]

Navionics Boating : Italian at the top of business [Update]

How make the new with the old ? Navionics knows ! After publishing geographic areas including a navigation application, here now […]

Charting, the game of 7 errors

A recent thread on the forum Oh and Hisse, I salute by the way, challenged me on the accuracy of mapping data […]

Navionics Marine louder

Fort of 1 million applications for mobile devices sold, announced in late April 2013, Navionics continues to introduce new and more attractive options. However, the […]

Charting compared, mixed results

Three weeks and 600 miles of navigation between the Mainland and the Balearic Islands have allowed me to test in a situation some of the applications for iPad […]