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Shipped with ACM Catamaran courses 2017

In 2017 My collaboraton with ACM Catamaran is renewed. I will be training 'Navigate with an iPad' weekend embarked on one of the catamarans […]

Weather4D tutorials 2.0

The french and English of Weather4D tutorials 2.0 have been recently updated.
The main novelty was to include subtitles in videos […]

The Weather4D 2.0 new is arrived

No holiday for developers ! I mentioned the upcoming new tests during our long journey of Corsica to the […]

Roseanor, 2000 nautical miles against the grain around Europe

Conveying a boat from Corsica to Normandy in May, It's a bit like making around the world backwards from East to West, […]

Cache me these tiles !

A cache is, in computing, a memory that stores a copy of the data from a source, in order to decrease the read access time […]

Weather4D 2.0.11 a bunch of new features and improvements

Delivered in AppStore this morning after two weeks of revisions and contre-revisions of Apple services, still more picky, the new version is finally available. At […]

Buy charts on Geogarage

Weather4D 2.0 offers a choice of raster charts from many international hydrographic services . Maps files are made available for application by […]

Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available on the Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, the APP4NAV company just revisit the Cartographic navigation on iPad […]

iPolar 2.0 and new Weather4D arrived

iPolar 2.0 comes with several improvements, which one expected from the origin : the ability to export the polar by mail. Done, and more export […]

Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]

Since its announcement in February, the GO! is expected to come from dealers at the beginning of this month. The company E - SAT me in […]

Testimony that pleased

Our North Atlantic tour ends, We leave Menorca (superb) for Toulon tomorrow morning.
Iridium + Iridium Mail + Weather4D PRO have super well work, Routing […]

Weather4D still makes greater finesse

With the basic 1.3.3 and PRO versions 1.3.9 delivered in November, Weather4D had replaced the GRIB files fine mesh of Great Circle […]