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A Bluetooth GPS receiver for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

GNS 5870 MFIGerman company Global Navigation Systems offers since September 2010 the first GPS Bluetooth for Apple iOS devices. GNS 5870 MFI (*) Bluetooth GPS receiver is fully certified by Apple. It works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch 4G and other Bluetooth-enabled handhelds such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs. The quality mark « Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad» guarantees full compatibility with Apple products.

GNS 5870 MFI integrates NMEA protocols and Apple. It is therefore compatible with all applications for land and sea navigation using these protocols for data transmission, as iNavX.

GNS 5870 MFI is featured with MT3318 GPS chipset 32 Channels by Mediatek, WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS compatible, sensitivity to -159 dBm, TTFF 36 sec. and a Bluetooth interface, probably from same manufacturer. This chipset, appeared 2008, were featured by a number of GPS as some Garmin and Holux until 2009.

With an operating time more than 10 hours close to that of Apple devices, this receiver is particularly suited to navigation. An efficient power management stops the receiver as the Bluetooth connection is interrupted.

GNS 5870 MFI only communicates via Bluetooth. Simply pair the first time your Apple device to the receiver, it will connect automatically thereafter. It is operated by the Smart Touch : it turns on and off by sliding a finger on the touch screen. Three LEDs indicate the charge, Bluetooth status and GPS reception.

GNS 5870 MFI

  • Comes with 12V Cigarette lighter power cord and USB charging / Mini-USB
  • HxLxl Dimensions 113x791x453 mm
  • Weight 70 gr
  • Price about 85 € inc VAT

(*) MFI : Made For iPhone

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  1. iSchamber this:

    Hello, it looks very interesting for a MacBook (Eg air), but less for the iPhone or iPad. The latter already having a GPS chip integrated … There is not really useful for these products, or maybe I'm missing a trick ! 🙂
    To be continued.

  2. iSchamber this:

    I forgot to ask, I guess it works with MacENC ?
    Thank you.

    1. Francis this:

      L’astuce, c'est that, as written above for the GPS BadElf, this model may involve the owners of wireless GPS (iPod all models, iPad WiFi) or GPS devices is known to be inefficient (iPhone 3G). This can avoid changing device. And on MacENC GPSNavX, Bluetooth GPS type BT-821 USGlobalSat of fully functioning, there is no reason that it is not suitable.

  3. Ricardo Serrano this:

    To meet the deficiency and even with a comparable price, I tried the G-FI unit, , the positive motion (Daytona Beach, Florida). It works properly, he has a good battery and is easily transportable (8 * 7 * 2 cm). Now it monopolizes the Wi-Fi in your camera or comparable iPad (is the way of signal transmission that uses), This prevents you from receiving the same time maps, GRIB files, etc.. In open waters, however, this problem is already becoming much less serious.

  4. Pascal stone this:

    Hello everyone,

    There is another way to connect a GPS to Ipad without integrated GPS and I am surprised that nobody has talked:

    Just jailbreak (let's say in good French unlock) the iPad order to connect a Bluetooth GPS head or any other Bluetooth devices capable of providing NMEA data.

    This manipulation is not illegal and does not lose the guarantee since it is very easy to restore the system.
    That can buy a small program that is worth a few euros (RoqyBT).

    I tested with a head and all TomTom fontionne perfectly.
    I suppose that the autonomy of the iPad was markedly elevated in this case because it did not feed GPS chip, electronic component enough power hungry…
    Second advantage, Nothing surpasses the IPAD and its connector is free.

    1. Francis this:

      I keep your comments but note that the jailbreak not part of the philosophy of Mac Navigation.