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Weekends onboard training « Navigate with an iPad» 2015

For the third consecutive year the partnership is renewed with ACM-CATAMARAN, sailing school affiliated with the French Sailing Federation. New for 2015 : weekends training will also take place on the Atlantic coast starting from La Rochelle In addition to the traditional start from the ACM HQ Le Gapeau, near Hyères. I teach these weekends of training dedicated to navigation on tablets "navigating with an iPad.". Two days of training on Lagoon or Nautitech catamarans.

Calendar 2015 planned dates are as follows :

  • Hyères : 14-15 March; 21-22 March; 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 25-26 April; 9-10 May; 19-20 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Lagoon 380, 400, or Nautitech Open 40.
  • La Rochelle : 28-29 March; 4-5 April; 11-12 April; 18-19 April; 25-26 April; 30-31 May; 6-7 June,; 12-13 September; 26-27 September; 3-4 October; 10-11 October; 17-18 October. On Nautitech 442.

Program :

Training in the autonomous use of the iPad/iPhone and navigation applications (iNavX, Weather4D PRO, AyeTides, …)

  • Routes creation, Weather and Routing, Tides, link with instruments, AIS, Weather request via satellite phone.

Tips and advices

  • Choice of navigation solutions iPad and iPhone
  • Choice of navigation apps
  • Choice of charting
  • Advices for satellite phones with iPad and iPhone


  • Training and advice for installation and starting of applications on your Apple devices from Apple iTunes Store, charting from X-Traverse.
  • Advices on installing links with instruments.

This program in live navigation will be technical and dense. Interested people may bring their own tablets (iPad and iPhone). Training only dedicated to Apple devices, While waiting to see a serious equivalent on Android tablets.

Registration and rates from A.C.M.

Registration is open from January to :

  • ACM Catamaran, Eric Le Puil
  • Internet :
  • Email :
  • Phone. : 06 70 15 33 81


  1. Courtox this:

    I can not find the tariff. My eyes let go me...
    For the Britains, I vote breizh izel, Le Crouesty, The Trinity or Lorient

    1. Francis this:

      By clicking on the icon 'Planning 2015'.

  2. guy Bailleul this:

    Hello ,
    I wanted to tell you that I was very surprised to have to repay after 1 year for Passcards iNavX ! In fact I had watched your blog who convinced me that iNavX was the app needed.
    Thank you so well pointed out this big detail car 90 dollars annually, and it is not listed in iTunes, I just double-check, is it not better to buy the true Maxsea .
    I'll try to contact xtraverse to serve my dissatisfaction and above all that it makes it clear that the subscription is annual.
    Otherwise it is really good.

    1. Francis this:

      If you had taken the time to follow the articles on this blog, you would have been informed long of changes in trade policy of Navionics. This has nothing to do with iNavX which is only an application, not a map editor. I have never failed to report, on this blog as well as my iBook tutorial « Navigate with iNavX», Navionics maps tariff changes
      The price of Navionics 46XG and 43XG cards that affect us is 80$ (steps 90$) thus 68 € during the day. Is not integrated procurement (in-app) It is quite normal that iTunes does not mention. The Fugawi brand, who manages the site x-traverse, enforces the tariff policy of the dozen editors who make available their cards on this server.
      I have also indicated in a recent article on my Android Navy blog the trend :

      map editors who created a navigation application for smartphone and Tablet tends to increase the price of the map to download areas, not so much by the original selling price for each zone (or region), as the price of renewal of cards, required if you want to continue updates.

      Having, as I have explained many times, you don't have to update your maps folders. Once stored on your Tablet, they will be retained as long as you own the.