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4 March 2018

Training onboard with ACM Catamaran 2018

In 2018 the iPad training with ACM Catamaran are renewed. I will train "Navigate with an iPad" in onboard weekend on one of cruising school catamarans (Lagoon 380) starting from the base of Hyères – The Gapeau. The 3 up to 6 people for these intensive courses that are very successful for the past five years.

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10 th 2018

Iridium NEXT maintains its schedule [Update-3]

June 2012, I wrote a post about the future constellation of communications satellites Iridium NEXT. While intended for operational use in 2017, the calendar was shifted a few months. Actually, the launch of the first ten satellites by the private company SpaceX, originally planned on 12 September 2016, was postponed for a few months by the explosion on September 1, a Falcon rocket 9 rocket explosion during the fuel filling on its launch pad before a shot of engine test.

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20 th 2017

Guide Escales 2018 – Red card ! [Update]

It saddens me to finish the year with a critical article, but the subject deserves. I wrote in December 2016 (*) a genuinely positive assessment of the evolution of the application Guides Escales 2017 - Bloc Marine digital version by Figaro Nautisme editions - compared to 2016. But for edition 2018, is unfortunately go back, supply regress and severe rate increase.

Unlike the print edition you can keep several years in your boat library, the annual update of the application Guides Escales erases all purchased regions the previous year. It is therefore not a purchase but an annual subscription, nuance!. And that's not all…

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17 th 2017
comments Off Start over with an iPad / iPhone

Start with an iPad / iPhone

For all browsers start with the use of an iPad, and who do not yet know the basics of handling. For all those who ask me :

  • How to load an application ?
  • How to load an application purchased on a second device ?
  • How to delete an application and load it again without paying ?
  • How to update applications ?
  • How do I know that there are updates ?
  • How to download a book in iBooks ?
  • How do I know that there is an update of a book ?
  • Etc, etc.…

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1 th 2017

Updated tutorial “Get weather forecast with satphone at sea”

prendre la meteo par telephone satelliteThe first tutorial for Mac appeared on the navigation’iBook Store in French : " Get weather forecast with satphone at sea – MacBook – iPad – iPhone ». General revision of the book, updating illustrations and videos, Update satellite phones and communication rates, suppression software Navimail.

  • 48 double-pages
  • 87 screenshots
  • 4 video tutorials

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7 November 2017

Electronic charting players [Update]

In April 2010 I published a ticket to locate the main actors of the electronic charting. Passing time, to refresh this information, due to recent corporate moves. Some have disappeared, as Maptech, others have changed hands, an update is needed.

Thunderclap that 27 october 2017, Navionics was acquired by Garmin (¹) ! The latter remained independent private publisher, to this day the hand of the Italian founder Giuseppe Carnevali, happening in the portfolio of the Garmin multinational company, shortly after the acquisition of global database Active Captain . The cards are again redistributed…

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31 october 2017

Calypso Ultrasonic : the last generation wireless wind sensor

Ultrasonic anemometers-weathervanes for yachting came up just over 15 years. Among the best known include those of the US Airmar and French LCJ Sensors. Featuring sophisticated electronics, these sensors without moving mechanical parts have the advantage of being more robust than conventional sensors, and provide more accurate data. They can also integrate other sensors as barometer, gyroscope, electronic compasses and even GPS.

The first ultrasonic sensors were fitted with a cable for power and data transfer. The manufacturer LCJ Sensors, building on the success of its CV3F sensor marketed since 2001, designed the range CV7SF, wireless models whose data is transmitted over a radio frequency to a receiver which converts them into NMEA (0183 or 2000). Power is supplied by solar cells on the sensor cap, and different output connection interfaces are proposed according to the models.

A new player, Spanish Calypso Instruments, just design a wireless sensor of a new concept, the Calypso Ultrasonic Portable, whose characteristic is to be featured with a Bluetooth Low Energy Transmission Protocol (Bluetooth 4.1), which offers many advantages.

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15 october 2017

maré : real-time tide forecasts

Our friend Guillaume Bolo, the first in France to have offered for many years a sophisticated web interface with the predictions of SHOM - maré - is also the developer of the excellent application marée info for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Copied but never equaled by SHOM itself, which eventually drop the case, it will offer us a great change soon… Read more →