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5 April 2020

Smart navigation – From paper charts to augmented reality

I relayed here, in French, an article published in the British magazine Yachting Monthly (¹) on March 30 th. The subject deals with the debate between paper charts and electronic navigation, by stating many truths, but also sometimes one or two untruths. The purpose has the merit of presenting contrasting arguments, and to obtain the opinion of recognized UK's professional boaters. Since the confinement imposes time constraints on us, let's take this opportunity to enjoy this instructive reading.… Read more →

23 March 2020

Receive facsimile weather maps with an iPad [Update]

An SSB receiver for leasure boating

HF Weather Fax from Black Cat Systems is an application for decoding facsimile weather maps on an iPad, an iPhone or Android device. The analysis and forecast maps are provided by radio stations around the World. Broadcast on shortwave, they can easily be received by SSB receivers as found in catalogs for pleasure.
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16 March 2020

Receive graphical weather maps on iPad [Update]

Weather analysis and forecasting maps developed by the NOAA (USA) and the Met Office (UK) cover vast areas over the Wold. They can be obtained sending a request by email to the weather server of british company MailaSail. With the latter, many maps are available in a listing (¹) in which simply click on the links to load the request in a message ready to send. Read more →

10 March 2020

Training onboard with ACM Catamaran [2020]

In 2020 the iPad training with ACM Catamaran are renewed and extended. ACM also began the decade with a new website much more user friendly, aesthetic and efficient. I manage training "Navigating with Weather4D Routing & Navigation with iPad" in onboard weekend on one of cruising school catamarans (Lagoon 380) starting from the base of Hyères – The Gapeau. From 3 up to 6 trainees for these intensive courses that are very successful for several years.

The Calendar 2020. is available and registrations open. Read more →

17 rd 2020

Navigation Mac tutorials on your iPad [Update]

A growing number of boaters now uses an iPad at sea. But offshore, when no network connection is available, and therefore no more internet access, how to access different aid or technical instructions regarding the tools used ?

The answer is in the creation of a library of files in PDF format that can be easily stored in the application Apple Books, for free, fortunately. Read more →

17 th 2020

Iridium GO! A positive feedback [Update]

Iridium GO! cruising

Since it appeared on the market in September 2014 (Eh, yes, 5 years ago !) this device an indisputable ergonomics and excellent quality / price ratio has become a must for sailors out at sea. Easy to implement, without the need for an external antenna (except metal hull) it can be used inside the boat.

A test several weeks, conducted in October and November 2016 during a transatlantic delivery, had already demonstrated its ability to download GRIB weather files and frontology maps despite the low rate (about 10 KB / mn). With the new Iridium NEXT constellation (¹) we notice since 2019 a real improvement in the global coverage without satellite disconnection.

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10 November 2019

Integrate tablets with onboard instruments : Wi-Fi gateways

For several years it is possible to integrate iPads and other mobile devices using Wi-Fi to onboard instruments. This enables navigation applications, not only receive all sensor data : log, anemometer, sounder, AIS, etc., but also to send their own navigation data to instruments, as, in example, to control an autopilot.

This integration is through devices called “gateways” or “routers” that connect to networks of instruments, receive the data circulating through these networks, and transceive in Wi-Fi to tablets and smartphones. Some navigation applications are being developed to process this data and transform mobile devices into real navigation centers. Read more →

13 october 2019

Navigation Mac is 10 years !

5-yearsLaunched at the same time as the iPhone 3GS and iNavX app, and a few months before the first iPad, This blog follows since 10 years the continued growth of mobile devices used in maritime navigation.

Through more 350 articles, I tried to guide users throughout the evolution of materials and navigation applications dedicated to Apple mobile. Read more →