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Shipped with ACM Catamaran courses 2017 [Update]

In 2017 My collaboraton with ACM Catamaran is renewed. I will be training 'Navigate with an iPad' in weekend shipped on one of the school of cruising catamarans (Nautitech Open 40, Lagoon 380, Lagoon 400S 2, Nautitech 442) starting from the base of Hyères – The Gapeau. The 3 up to 6 people for these intensive courses that meet a great success four years ago.

The Calendar 2017 has been updated. (continue…)

Hurricane Harvey, What is the impact of climate change ?

In full political news on global climate change, the terrible Hurricane Harvey questioned some scientists about the link between warming due to human activities and intense weather events increasing in recent years.

Source : National Weather Service

Michael E. Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center and author of three books, including The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars, Dire Predictions, and The Madhouse Effect, develops a long comment in (¹) about it, freely translated by myself.


GNS 2000 Bluetooth GPS receiver for mobile [Update]

GNS2000Global Navigation Systems distributed in December 2012 its new Bluetooth GPS, the GNS 2000. It is now replaced by the GNS2000 more, equipped with a new GALILEO compatible receiver.

Certified compatible with Apple products by the label Apple MFI "Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad"., It caters mainly to non-GPS devices : is iPod Touch and iPad WiFi all models. It can also be used with all PDAs, Bluetooth phones and tablets. (continue…)

Navionics Sonar Charts available for iNavX [Update-2]

Fugawi just joined any charting NavionicsPlus on its servers, to provide applications as iNavX. Once these new charts installed, "Chart" view displays two tabs to switch the standard chart (Nautical) to Sonar Chart (Sonar). (continue…)

Digital charts : purchase or subscription ?

With the multiple charts disappearances during the successive updates of iNavX, I received a number of requests for assistance in the recovery of the said charts.

Besides the fact that I am not the support for NavX Studios LLC (iNavX) (¹), nor that for Johnson Outdoors (Fugawi) (²), a focus is needed on the method of charts provision by distributors for our mobile applications.


What iPad for navigation ? [Update-2]

You are more likely to wonder about the choice of an iPad to use navigation. Unfortunately do not have time to respond to every request a ticket is required. Four years after a similar article, of course now completely obsolete, must annually re-emphasize the issue. (continue…)

Weather4D 2.0.20 The unlimited charting

We hoped for months, were expected, We waited - or we grew impatient, it depends - Well, here it is : last update Weather4D 2.0.20 is finally available ! On the menu a major improvement : Assisted charting download and unlimited storage size. To which is added a small number of highly requested features and some bug fixed…


Iridium Mail & Web : GRIB weather files on iPhone and iPad in open sea

The recent update of the application Iridium Mail & Web gives me the opportunity to refresh the ticket originally written in December 2011.

The Wi - Fi gateway Optimizer society RedPort allows to make queries and receive GRIB weather files from an iPad or an iPhone on the high seas, into the wild, anywhere on the world.

Having implemented and tested this solution on a long journey, it has proven perfectly operational.


Miniplex-3Wi-N2K Firmware Update 2.0

ShipModul just completed a major upgrade V.2.0.6 of MiniPlex-3 firmware. Once installed in the MiniPlex-3-N2K, it becomes a certified product NMEA2000®. To perform this update, it is imperative to download and install the new version of the utility MPX-Config3 V.2.4.1 (¹). the firmware update is integrated into the utility package. (continue…)

Update iNavX 5.0.7 [Update]

[Update] As a result of the update 5.0.6 the charts were again no more reachable. This is not the first time. A release 5.0.7 delivered in the night of May 15 to 16 has solved the problem. But alas, the web site Fugawi/Chart has been made unavailable for a few hours, and therefore no more access to accounts to retrieve charts. Decidedly, is this happening !

You can now repeat the procedure :

  1. Select the page “Charts” > tab “My Charts”
  2. Select each chart folder you have purchased
  3. Tap “Update Chart List”
  4. Activate and download the folder again

To make this work, may be you need to logout/login to your Fugawi account. You will notice however that the French translation has been completed, at least one positive thing !


Activate charts from Fugawi/Charts for GPSNavX/MacENC

In order to use charts provided by the server Fugawi/Charts with MacENC or GPSNavX, you need to subscribe an account and purchased one (or more) chart(s) folders.

In order to activate and download, You should use NavX utility you can download in French here. (continue…)

Waltz of the labels for Navionics in Fugawi

Since my recent article Navionics prices severe the company Fugawi has just announced a correction to the tariff reduction for Navionics charts records. More, the price of the annual renewal purchases, that was for three years 50% the initial purchase, then recently increased to 60%, comes back again to 50%. Go figure !

We were used to a steady increase of Navionics tariff in Fugawi (¹) but since 2014 It had more evolved. We are seeing this year 2017 a real Waltz of the labels, including for Navionics Boating HD applications.