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7 April 2019

Training onboard with ACM Catamaran [2019]

In 2019 the iPad training with ACM Catamaran are renewed. I will train "Navigate with an iPad" in onboard weekend on one of cruising school catamarans (Lagoon 380) starting from the base of Hyères – The Gapeau. The 3 up to 6 people for these intensive courses that are very successful for several years.

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24 March 2019

Which iPad for navigation ? [Update-6]

You are still many to wonder about the choice of an iPad for navigation use. Unfortunately do not have time to respond to every request a post is required. A few years after a first similar entry, must annually re-update the issue, and sometimes more often.

[Update 25 March 2019] With the presentation, this month, of the new iPad Air (iPad Air 3 ?) 2019, this tablet is inserted between the iPad 2017/2018 (low-cost) and the recent iPad Pro 11″. A bargain at a very attractive price for a machine with the A12 Bionic processor .

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19 March 2019

MacENC and GPSNavX disappear forever

Since 30 September 2018 (*), I already had information regarding the abandonment NAVX Studio LLC for the development of two historical applications created by Richard Ray : GPSNavX and MacENC. The buyers of these applications and iNavX had clearly announced focuse only to the development of iNavX, on iOS and Android. It is likely that applications on Mac no longer had any profitability, especially with the loss of Navionics charts for MacENC. Read more →

18 rd 2019

VMG / VMC – for Dummies

Navigation applications are full of acronyms. This coded and cryptic language was originally developed for electronic navigation instruments, GPS mapping and other chartplotters. These acronyms, in the form of three letters most often, are the contraction of terms defining specific navigation data and according functions. This facilitates on-screen display taking few space. While some of these acronyms are relatively well assimilated by the boater, as SOG for Speed ​​Over Ground (SOG), you can quickly access subtleties that are not always mastered as COG for Course Over Ground, meaning "route runned on the ground", that the word "Course" in English can mean "Route" or "Heading" according to the context. Read more →

7 rd 2019

Navionics Boating mutating

Since Garmin has acquired Navionics (¹), it will not take more than a year for Navionics also make its small (r)evolution in its flagship iOS and Android application . New logo, renouncing the multiplicity of applications, abandonment of duality iPad/iPhone, pricing standardization, bring, among other changes, a little more consistency in supply. Read more →

7 rd 2019

Apple iBooks becomes "Books" [Update]

With the arrival of iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 "Mojave" Apple iBooks application disappears to make way for "Books". The user interface is completely changed, and authors a compliance works is imposed. The application wins certainly not in ergonomics, we feel a desire to put commercial emphasis on the books in the interface, and access to updates is complicated.

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11 th 2019
comments Off The new constellation of Iridium NEXT is completed

The new Iridium NEXT constellation is completed

With a few months late, Iridium has completed its Iridium NEXT satellite launch campaign (¹).
With its 75 new satellites by SpaceX successfully deployed over the past two years, Iridium has managed the feat to fully replace its first constellation in record time. The last ten satellites, successfully orbited this January, 11 with a Falcon rocket 9 during the eighth and last launch, definitely complement the new constellation.

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20 th 2018

Man Over Board

Credit: SNSM Bandol

At all times the sailors had the fear of the sea fall. Even with a trained crew, the operation of recovering a crew water fallen is risky, Already with the engine, even more with the sail. During my training years in Glénans Sailing School, each boarding was the opportunity to train consistently with this maneuver, sailing, striving to come "die" heave to windward of the unfortunate, fortunately materialized by a buoy moored in a bucket as drift anchor. But the real problem was not there. It was above all not to lose sight of the crew, because come back to its fall position "reckoning" was virtually mission impossible. And today, with our sophisticated electronic means, it's not as easy as it sounds good… Read more →