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Weather4D Routing & Navigation offers a choice of raster charts from many international hydrographic services . Charts folders are available for application on the French web server Geogarage. Charts are subject to an annual subscription by Publisher directly on Geogarage website After creating an account. Once the subscription to a Publisher done, the entry in Weather4D 2.0 credentials created in Geogarage activate display of subscribed folder , ready to be downloaded. Procedure step-by-step :

Create Geogarage account

Accessing Geogarage directly from the application by the button "manage account". :

Sign Up is to create account, then confirm by clicking on a confirmation link received by mail after validation.

Subscribe to a Publisher

Once confirmation completed , You can access the account with the username and password created, and select the folder to which you want to subscribe, then proceed credit card payment.

Interface from iPad

Interface from a browser on computer

Access to the file in Weather4D Routing & Navigation

After completing the payment, Routing is opened Weather4D & Navigation, in Menu General settings > Navigation > Charts Settings, Enter the Geogarage filled identifiers for the list to appear from (or more) chart(s) subscribed(s).

Charts loading is done as "tiles" with display and zoom on a geographical area. Charts will be stored in cache to be used offline at sea. The cache memory of 1 GB is shared between nautical charts, satellite imagery (Bing) and land maps (OSM). It is awarded in a protected memory area, cannot be deleted only by a user action : exceeding the memory size by loading new tiles or action on "clear cache" button.. The size allows to load a large number of "tiles" with different levels of scale.

You can also preload all the tiles in an area with the function of preload :

Coverage of the entire portfolio of geogarage is searchable by editors on this page «» coverage »

See the free iBook tutorial provided with the application (*) for the use of cards in Weather4D Routing & Navigation.

(*) Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. What about access of this mapping by iNavX and Mac Enc?
    Good end of the year to you and thanks again all your teachings and renseignements.j

  2. I must be very bad because I have not found on the geogarage site the link to register and create an account.
    Can Francis put us the direct link to the relevant page ?
    I searched here after clicking on your article geogarage logo (

  3. I missed an episode ? on my iPad I Weather 4 d Pro I'm V1.4.6. The v2 is accessible since when ? with iPad ?

    • Actually I lai found on the App Store, I do not know why the app does not come out first, It is for this that I had not seen her. 50€ change the category, mais bon c’est une super appli 🙂

  4. Hello and happy holidays! I have on my iPad weather4d pro, is that you must buy the v2 version, to access this new feature?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Weather4D 2.0 is actually a new application replacing Weather4D Pro. It therefore is subject to a new purchase. However, subscriptions to forecast fine mesh valid carried forward by simply entering codes and identifiers created in the old application. See page 15 the new tutorial.

  5. Hello,
    If I'm all inclusive, need to fully prepare its Nav in Wi - Fi zone and open all cards not to mention maps of details before taking the sea.
    Having opened almost all cards handle French Atlantic façade, I am amazed by the lack of memory used ( about 500 MB ) and speed of loading ( vs Maxsea )
    Tell me if I'm wrong !
    In any case thank you and thanks to Mr Bouyssou for this wonderful Christmas gift
    Good eve

  6. Hello again,

    Unless I am mistaken, the maps available on geogarage do not cover a large part of the Mediterranean…could you me if that is correct? Thank you in advance!

    • Actual coverage is not yet world. The Eastern basin of the Mediterranean is not covered. This will evolve in the coming months

  7. Hello,
    I bought and installed Weather 4 d 2.0, created an account on geogarageweather4d and made cards for the Argentina and the Brazil subscriptions. And then installed the account in Weather 4 d. The cards appear in the view of the account under setting maps = ok.
    In the views of the application, Argentina map is ok and works fine. But Brazil map. It appears in the choices, is selectable, but does not come on the screen. She is all alone cleared from the closed window.
    Can you tell me about this point ?
    Also, two other questions : What about loading a grib by query with an iridium connection ? And what about loading the geogarage high seas or without internet connections maps = does have preselect beforehand and ashore all appropriate tiles ?
    Thanks in advance for these points relevant to those who are too far from the point wifi…

  8. Hello again,

    I use weather4d pro for routing and then exports the road optimised to inavx, Imray.

    I ask myself the question about the advantages / disadvantages of weather 4 d from weather4d pro v2.0. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    • The answer is in my article and in the description of the application on AppStore :
      – Comprehensive application of cartographic navigation associated with the weather routing
      – Simulation and routing multi-passenger
      – Creation of waypoints and routes on official charts
      The old PRO version options will be added in the next updates : requests by telephone Iridium, transfer routes and waypoints.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks to the developer and one who promotes.
    Just a quick question regarding the updated maps caching. What happens if the ipad is off? This has an influence on the available memory and thus the performance of applications? What happens if other applications need cache (is taken in by releasing weather 4 d)
    Not being a great technician, Please excuse me for the questions naive and/or incongruous.
    Thank you in advance

    • No influence on memory cache, in standby or off. Cache assigned only to Weather4D, not accessible to another application.

  10. I still, I remade me a complete replay of your blog. On the first question, MacEnc, unless error is not via Xtraverse, or not only via Xtraverse, free American Enc via the NOAA site and the other via Primar, Chartworld, ScanNav for example. Je me trompe ?