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Activate charts from Fugawi/Charts for GPSNavX/MacENC [Update]

[Update December 30 September 2018] Warning : MacENC the application is no longer supported by its developers. It no longer reads raster maps and Navionics charts are no longer available. Application abandoned to date.

In order to use charts provided by the server Fugawi/Charts with MacENC or GPSNavX, you need to subscribe an account and purchased one (or more) chart(s) folders.

In order to activate and download, You should use NavX utility you can download in French here.

1. Activation and download

Once installed the application NavX close MacENC or GPSNavX if you have opened it and launch NavX. Click “Account…” and enter your Fugawi account information, either the identifier and the password that you reported by subscribing an account on the website Fugawi/Charts.


Then click the button “Activate products…”, a window displays a list of products you have purchased. Select one and click the button “Activate”. The application asks you for which software product you want to use with, select button “MacENC” or “GPSNavX” According to your navigation application.You must then choose the charts folder location. Preferably choose the same folder as the charts in which you placed the other charts if you already have.

The application then opens a window that displays the progress of the charts download.

Chart files are placed in a subfolder with the name of the product purchased. Once the download is complete, you can, as you want, rename this folder to make it shorter, this will not affect.


Important: file certificates.plist must be maintained in the charts folder, do not move or delete it.

Once finished, you exit NavX and launch MacENC or GPSNavX.

2 Implementation with MacENC

In MacENC you open the Chart Manager in the File menu. Click “Add a chart folder…” and select the folder Navionics that you just installed. This comes in addition to folders already present.

By clicking on the black triangle in front of folder name, you pull down the list of charts included.

Select a chart and then click the button “Scroll to…” or simply double-click on a chart name. The chart will open in MacENC.

Important Note : The product is enabled for a single computer. You must complete the steps from the device on which you installed for use MacENC onboard. In other words do not do this activation from a home Mac. Navionics allows two activations for each folder purchased on Fugawi/Charts website. So you have a folder that will remain available for a second Mac during the validity time of the first folder (¹).
(¹) see article Terms of purchase of the charts on Fugawi/Charts [Update-3]
Note about MacENC : Navionics Gold charts on SD-Card/CF-Card media are not compatible with MacENC. See on this article Navionics knows no crisis in present blog.


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. hello, I have inavx, my maps are out of date. I would like to buy a new card (the 46XG to 111 EUR) with valid XTraverse 2 years for my iPad 2. version 10.3.1. initially no problem to download a new map and install it automatically on the ipad. Except that I would like to get the card for use on other software that is also on my iPad. How can I do to get this card ??? should I go through Xcode or other ?? How is what we can identify the location of the file and then extract it to send it by e-mail or retrieve it in order to send it to other software ? ;))

  2. Hello Mr. Fustier.
    I installed from 2012 iNavX on my iPad 3 (yes I know what you think of this iPad : it will be replaced). Mapping of France, the Iberian Peninsula and various extensions were subject to a subscription through x-crosses. Every year I renewed my subscription to access a new edition of these cards. This year, I delayed, and found that I could not even access my installed copy of the previous year. I'm wondering. The toll x-through door you it on access and update or simply updating… You can imagine my concern if access to my maps evaporated to date exceeded ? thanks for reassuring me, and guide me to avoid this unfortunate mishap, However that is me already happened several times… I troubleshoots on raster maps Maxsea TZ, which have not evaporated (or updates elsewhere). In fact I still have access to TWO different maps, prudently (and even a third from another source on another machine…). Friendships. Daniel

    • The toll x-tie

      The term is a misnomer, it's about, as with most editors, a dedicated funding subscription updates. As I have already explained, being able to keep the cards after expiry of the subscription period is only a tolerance, no guarantee to keep the cards in case of technical failure. But as long as you do not update whatsoever (iOS system or application) Navionics charts in iNavX not going to self-destruct.

  3. Thank you for accuracy. “Should not believe in Santa Claus”… There is always the SHIFT in one of the iPad system software. Especially if it is used intensively.