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Import files as attachments in iNavX [Update]

Since version 3.2.7, iNavX can import GRIB weather files and waypoints, routes and tracks files, received by mail attachments, or transferred from a Mac or a PC to an iPhone / iPad using a dedicated application. Supported formats are .grb (GRIB), .gpx formats (waypoints), .kml/.kmz (Google Earth).

A single push on such a file opens the dialog "Open in iNavX", which in turn causes iNavX launch and automatic import. [Updated on 29 th 2015]

GRIB files received by mail

A GRIB weather file request from iNavX, the file is first received on your personnal account, then you can download it directly in iNavX. But this solution does not always work. It is better to set the query, and therefore the reception, by email.


On the other hand, You can also receive GRIB files from a contact remained onshore who gets from different sources.

reception mail

Pressing the name of the active file dialog “Open in iNavX”

mail ipad

Mail receipt with iPad

Importing files transfer

files connectIf you have an Iridium and you do not have dedicated WiFi router to connect directly to an iPad, the solution is to query GRIB files by connecting your Iridium phone as a modem for a Mac (or PC). Once the file is received, you can transfer it through one of the many file transfer applications.

Here is an example with Files Connect which has the advantage of operating in WiFi network. Needed, first, have created an ad-hoc network between your Mac / PC and your iPhone (*). In the mail, support on the attachment allows to export the file in Files Connect (the application must be previously launched).

files connect 1

Transfer of the file from the Mac to the iPad

Files Connect 3

Opening the file in iNavX

Opening files in iNavX

In all cases launching of iNavX and file import is automatically done :

ouverture dans inavx

This new mail attachement import feature carefully completes exporting files by mail feature already present for several versions.

(*) Connect your iPhone to your Mac via WiFi


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. Thank you for this new topic,
    But I can not find the solution to my particular problem : grib file transfer receipts (x-cross) on my iphone to my ipad (isn't it 3 G!) equipped GNS5870MFI…
    Thank you for your reply,

  2. Hello Philippe

    I also use a wireless IiPad and I solved this problem using my iPhone as a modem Wifi, Blue Tooth ou USB (that can continue to operate with the IMUX iNavX edge. This option is now functional 100 % SFR allows me to transform my iPad 3G 10 € per month. (High speed up 3 Jig, low-flow beyond)
    I think this kind of option should exist in the other operators.