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iNavX 3.5.5 identifies AIS-SART targets

inavx et ais-sartSince version 3.5.5 iNavX displays AIS-SART targets plotted as red icon and label easily identified. A tap on the icon to display text information transmitted by the beacon (position reports). Another improvement that comes to support the spread of AIS for the safety of ships and crews (*).


AIS-SART is a stand-alone radio device used to locate a rescue boat or a ship in distress by sending position reports updated through an Automatic Identification System (AIS) standard Class A. The position and time synchronization of AIS-SART are provided by a built-in GPS receiver.

Since January 1 2010, GMDSS installation on board ships (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) must include one or more tracking devices for search and rescue. These devices can be, either AIS-SART beacon (AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter), either RADAR-SART device (Search and Rescue Radar Transponder).


Position and time synchronization provide from the AIS-SART built-in GPS. Every minute, a position report is sent in a series of eight identical messages on two different frequencies (four on 161,975 MHz and four on 162,025 MHz). This scheme creates a high probability that at least one of the messages can be sent over the top of a radio wave.

ais sartEquipment

The AIS-SART beacons are generally cylindrical and brightly colored. A classic is about 250mm high and 450gr weight.

For pleasure, a new generation of personal beacons appeared on the market, such as MOB by SRT Marine Technology or easyRescue A040 by Weatherdock AG.

An application as iNavX allows therefore to straight on very accurately to reach and rescue anyone who has activate this type of AIS-SART beacon, thanks to its continuous display on the electronic card. One way to enhance the security of ships and marine.

(*) AIS, the second maritime revolution after the GPS


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. Hello,

    I want to equip an AIS transceiver. Which brands and models you advise me ?
    I see in your blog that iNavX 3.5.5 can display AIS targets. I have nothing on mine. What he set in iNavX to see these targets appear ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • On this site down to the left until : AIS ANTENNA, click and read to the bottom “saying”.
      On the left you will find useful links.
      My view concurs with that of Francis and his wonderful blog Fustier.
      An amateur tourdumondiste : bertrand f3dd
      The radioblu chez stw

    • On the first question, I am careful not to direct your choice to a particular device, failing to test myself. I can only refer you to the most frequently mentioned brands on the user forums : ACR, Comar, and the only one I actually used CTRX Carbon de True Heading.
      You can also choose a VHF DSC with integrated AIS, as the RO4800.
      The answer to your second question lies in the choice of a WiFi multiplexer, or excellent iAIS from Digital Yacht.

  2. Thank you for your quick answers.
    Initially, My idea was to take a subscription Dolink to follow and as my boat anchor alarm or burglar, solution but 150 Euro pair Moise.
    And then, by digging, I wonder if a solution with an AIS transceiver can not do the same and even much more bcp bcp for cheaper.
    To recap, I have an RO 4800 (I am not using the AIS receiver), a nav station Raymarine, un Ipad II et iNavX.
    I understand, by adding a second box IAIS and VHF antenna, I might interconnect, I understand? And would I have the technical level, electronics are not?
    In my previous boat, I had a radar, a transceiver BLU, et un Iridium. Nlle this solution seems to me likely to replace radar. IAIS and the case seems to me like a box to do anything to the interconnectedness of all my devices.

    • If you have a VHF RO4800 and you activate the function of receiving AIS (Receive-only course) Just because your current antenna RO4800 integrates the function of automatic switch. Thus the IAIS is useless, a multiplexer as simple WiFi WLN10 the same manufacturer is sufficient. For transmission, it actually takes a dedicated AIS antenna, and also a WiFi WLN10 for transmission to iPad.
      With regard to the installation, just to read a technical manual in English. Otherwise I can offer my services.

  3. Francis, thank you for these tips. Based in Martinique, I fear for your help, this is a bit far.

    I continue my research, I want an AIS transceiver, So I will do without the radio and I want to connect to the Iphone.

    I weasel and find other solutions, especially on the side of amateur radio.

    In addition to the solutions presented in your blog, I found an AIS transceiver integrated WiFi. It would save me having two boxes. This is the easyTRX2-IS_Wifi society Weatherdock.

    Perhaps you know?

    There is also a home VesperMarine pending.

    I must be a little early, it seems that this market is taking off….

    Thank you for your help and your advice

  4. Bertrand, sorry, I did not make the connection, I want this info to your blog and have recovered from your post on STW.

    Your blog is beautiful, (it is beyond my modest skills, I want to plug and play and feel totally unable to make such an antenna…). And neither the time nor the inclination.


  5. Francis, I am in Martinique, So a bit far…
    I went to see the 2 solutions VesperMarine Weatherdock and presented on the site of Bertrand, I like it as well, in one box, was an AIS transceiver and the wireless link.

    I keep digging, I feel that this market is starting up.


  6. Hey Francis

    As I understand, you use True heading CTRX Carbon + and macenk, is as?

    I try to link this ais with my mac via a usb serial but no contact with the program. what anvä'nder you to run for the til usb serial converter and it drives?

    regards Mattias

    Also in english: Dear Francis

    I’m trying to run macenk via my true heading ctrx carbon + without success. I get no contact. Maybe it is the driver for the usb to serial converter. What converter are you using and what driver? Do you have recommendations on how to connect?

    Alöl the best Mattias

  7. Hello Francis,
    First of all congratulations for your blog which is really exciting and very rewarding.
    However, I have a question about AIS transmissions via WIFI.
    I downloaded the application on my Iphone iNavX, and I'm about to buy a VHF AIS receiver integrating function, the NAVICOM RT 550 AIS.
    I wanted to know if the multiplexer WIFI WLN10 you mention above is sufficient to receive AIS data on my iPhone?
    In anticipation of cos valuable advice,