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Fugawi charts service is discontinued [Update]

It's official, on March 30 November 2018, Johnson Outdoors Company, recent recipient of Fugawi (*), decided to stop its activities. After discontinuing the distribution of their PC navigation software in August 2017, to have … Continue reading

iNavX 5.2 : AIS by Internet service becomes paying

With the latest release 5.2 of iNavX, AIS reception service by internet becomes charge. This service, provided by SiiTech society free from the origin of iNavX (¹), becomes a subscription service.

Tutorial “Navigating with 5.0 iNavX” : Update V.3.0

Total release of the tutorial : illustrations update, replacement of 14 videos with the new interface, text update.

45 double-pages
76 screenshots
14 videos

A comprehensive multimedia iBook guide about iNavX use : basic functions, advanced functions, interface with … Continue reading

Navionics Sonar Charts available for iNavX [Update-2]

Fugawi has joined all Navionics cartography + on its servers, to provide applications as iNavX. Once these new charts installed, "Chart" view displays two tabs to switch the standard chart (Nautical) to Sonar Chart … Continue reading

Digital charts : purchase or subscription [Update] ?

[Update December 3 March 2019]
With the multiple charts disappearances during the successive updates of iNavX, I received a number of requests for assistance in the recovery of the said charts.
Regardless of the fact that I am not the … Continue reading

Update iNavX 5.0.7 [Update-2]

[Update] As a result of the update 5.0.6 the charts were again no more reachable. This is not the first time. A release 5.0.7 delivered in the night of May 15 to 16 has solved the problem. But … Continue reading

The new boundaries of the NV Charts

I had presented in may 2015 the excellent German Publisher Verlag NV NV Charts raster maps. In 2016, the previous cutting in 4 areas for France - Channel and Atlantic coasts - has been split into 8 areas … Continue reading

iNavX 5.0 from Charybde to Scylla

The major update 5.0 of iNavX, issued late August, has unfortunately been a long and painful birth for new developers, and a succession of vortices and reefs for users. Among the numerous bugs and regressions … Continue reading

iNavX changes hands

New developers, new logo, new splash page, and new web site.
Version 4.7.0 just be issued by NavX Studios LLC, the company that bought all of Richard Ray's computer creations : GPSNavX, MacENC and iNavX.
Placing … Continue reading

Connect an iPhone over Wi-Fi to a Mac [Ad-hoc network]

In my old tutorial video iNavX No. 2 – Advanced features", I explained (minute 15'45 '') how connect Wi - Fi on an iPhone iNavX MacENC on a Mac using the TCP/IP protocol.
However, for Mac beginners, where those of you still … Continue reading

NV Chart extends coasts of France from SHOM

In a previous post I introduced the SHOM raster maps proposed by different publishers on iPad. In recent weeks the German charts editor NV Verlag offers two new zones ending coverage and Atlantic coasts of France … Continue reading

iNavX and iSailor offer more functions

The year 2015 barely begun, developers already deliver us their applications developments, probably developed between two glasses of champagne during the holidays. I consider iNavX and iSailor as the two best navigation applications to date … Continue reading

Navigate with iNavX iBook in German

A new version of my tutorial navigate with iNavX in German with the help of Jochen Luhrs, iNavX app localizer in German.
The best and only multimedia manual for iNavX. Basics, advanced functions, Connection to on-board instruments. from buying … Continue reading

How to update charts with iNavX [Update]

With iNavX, with iPhone like iPad, charts update goes through two processes. It is necessary to distinguish individual charts update, and update full charts folders with a new edition.

Navigation Mac tutorials #2 – Navigate with iNavX [English version]

iBook tutorial “Navigate with iNavX” is now available in English.
A comprehensive multimedia iBook guide about iNavX use : basic functions, advanced functions, instruments connection. From purchasing and loading charts to TCP/IP connection, … Continue reading

iNavX 4.0.0 improves charting [Update]

iNavX 4.0.0 greatly improves the display of raster charts : continuous seamless tiled charts (¹) and access to a new Navionics Gold chart : 50XG covering almost the entire Pacific Ocean.

ENCs, Routing and sailing shaves stone

The relationship of a recent experience of an iNavX user and Weather4D PRO routing function invites me to bring a warning to the attention of novices boaters in computer use.
A regatta course, departure to … Continue reading

Help for iNavX in French

iNavX Help is default integrated in English. The French Help is only available if you have an internet connection (WiFi ou 3G). The reason is that the French help has many screenshots, … Continue reading

iNavX 3.6.1 with high-resolution GRIB files

Since version 3.6.1 iNavX display provides GRIB weather files, high-resolution This site English society Kona Ltd is the developer of the application GribView I mentioned in a previous post (¹). An account … Continue reading

iNavX 3.5.5 identifies AIS-SART targets

Since version 3.5.5 iNavX displays AIS-SART targets plotted as red icon and label easily identified. A tap on the icon to display text information transmitted by the beacon (position reports). Another improvement … Continue reading

Miniplex-2Wi, the new WiFi multiplexer for iPad and iPhone

The company has just introduced ShipModul on its website its new wireless multiplexer, Miniplex-2Wi. This device comes in direct competition to the IMUX Brookhouse, on which I wrote several posts on this blog, but penalized since early 2011 … Continue reading

Search for charts information data with iNavX

Navionics vector charts contain a number of detailed information for each marina, and sometimes some moorings. These places are marked on charts by the symbol shown against.
These data are called in English "Navaids" when … Continue reading

Anchor Alarm with iNavX

iNavX offers for a while an "anchor alarm" feature, currently available at the bottom of the application Home page.
This feature was frequently criticized as impractical. iNavX 3.3.0 corrects this flaw by a particularly ingenious improvement … Continue reading

Files transfer from Mac to iPad / iPhone

In a recent post, I mentioned the possibility of transferring files between a Mac and WiFi iPad Files Connect with the application. This is of course not the only method.
In a forthcoming article, I will talk about connecting a … Continue reading

iNavX and the "Man Overboard"

For a while Rich Ray was asked to add a feature button "Man overboard" in its applications. Recently, following a new application on the site, he motivated his refusal by … Continue reading

Import files as attachments in iNavX [Update]

Since version 3.2.7, iNavX can import GRIB weather files and waypoints, routes and tracks files, received by mail attachments, or transferred to a Mac or PC to iPhone / iPad with an application … Continue reading

Installing an iMux aboard "Lady Jane"

My Fischer 37 "Lady Jane" is equipped at the base of a conventional antenna Raymarine GPS, the trio wind, depth, speed instruments, and a multi chartplotter / Radar C70 :

In November 2010, Reading this blog I strongly … Continue reading

iNavX, application steadily increasing

Since the beginning of the year 2011, not less than six iNavX updates were made by Rich Ray, either one monthly !
If there is nothing revolutionary, many improvements “invisible” were made, as … Continue reading

iNavX and SiiTech AIS server

iNavX can connect, since version 3.1.7 from 11 october 2010, AIS data to the server SiiTech I mentioned in a previous post (¹). The advantage of this service remained questionable in France because of the low … Continue reading

Receive NMEA 2000 data with iNavX

It is now possible to connect a N2K system (¹) to iNavX, on iPhone or iPad.
Actually, Actisense company, well known for its NMEA interfaces (multiplexers and gateways), designed the NGW-1 ISO, an NMEA … Continue reading

iMux, a multiplexer WiFi for iPad

More and more great ! After Wi-SP Digi Connect, l’iAIS de Digital Yacht, here's IMUX of Brookhouse.
The multiplexer is a iMux (*) NMEA data 0183 able to transmit in WiFi data from the instruments connected to it (GPS, Navigation, AIS) … Continue reading

Receive AIS data wirelessly with iNavX

I explained, in a recent post, on receiving NMEA data from instruments on board without going through a Mac (or PC) aboard. It is now possible to do the same for the reception of AIS data with … Continue reading

The GRIB files with iNavX

With versions 3.1.6 and 3.1.7, iNavX improved GRIB files request by proposing a new window settings.
As MacENC, can now choose several settings for required files, so as to optimize the size of … Continue reading

MacENC, iNavX and TCP / IP

Despite the online Help iNavX and various tutorials on the subject, a lot of requests received and complexity of subject imposed on me a quick explanation.
The TCP/IP protocol
TCP / IP stands for "Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol" and is pronounced “T-C-P-I-P”.
TCP / IP is a protocol … Continue reading

iNavX 3.0.2 – highly expected new feature

INavX 3.0.2, available soon on the AppStore, comes with a much anticipated feature and welcome improvements :
Course Up / North Up
This feature, though criticized by some purists (I am), was implemented to meet … Continue reading

Plan navigation for iNavX with Windows

From your Windows PC, or your Mac OSX, you want to plan, without spending a penny, your future summer boating, create waypoints for places you want to achieve, the passages that you intend to sail through, … Continue reading

Transfer waypoints from GPSNavX / MacENC to iNavX

If you open an account on the website of Fugawi, you will have the ability, more than GRIB weather files requests, to store waypoints, routes and tracks files, to recover … Continue reading