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iOS 11 and navigation applications

Among the many new features provided by iOS 11, I particularly enjoyed the improved multitasking functions. The addition of a “Dock” retractable in MacOS way, function “SlideOver” associated with the function “SplitView” already present in iOS 10. This will greatly improve the use of navigation applications.

The handling of these new features is quickly explained in Apple website . Reminder, on “Dock” is a lower banner that displays icons of permanent applications you have chosen, and at right side the three last opened applications.

The emergence of the “Dock” is done by sliding up the finger from the bottom of the screen. By extending the slide you can access the new Control Center. Function “SlideOver” allows to drag a second application in window overlayed on an already open application, without altering its operation. A new swipe of this window to the right of the screen and it fits in “SplitView”, that is to say two application in juxtaposed windows. This works as well in landscape mode in portrait mode.

Below a small demonstration with iNavX open, then opening Weather4D Routing & Navigation.


To make it working perfectly, developers must have already properly adapted their applications to this new display mode, which for the moment, is not yet achieved for all.

The appearance of these new function will facilitate the view of two applications allowing to display two different charts, or a navigation application and another tidal app, etc.. I just experience it for a few days along the Costa Brava, It's really convenient.

Regarding new iPhones (8/X) arriving at the same time that the system iOS 11, I urge you to learn about the many new features with excellent videos on the web site Mac4Ever, It will save you, as to me, precious time.



Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. Formidable !
    It'll be very useful, Indeed.
    Thank you Francis !

  2. Very clear
    Thank you

  3. Formidable
    Thank you Francis !
    That both apps can retrieve the info of the multiplexer at the same time ?

    • Yes, with a Miniplex-3Wi used in this video. An iPad or iPhone, and only one, can connect both in TCP with an app (Here iNavX) and UDP with another (Here Weather4D 2.0).

  4. Hello Francis,
    Very nice demonstration of the many possibilities of Weather 4D 2.0 and ios 11. Bravo.
    I tried installing iPolar with street view but the app fills the screen and returns Weather in the dock. The goal is to see the polar live , the ideal would be that Weather 4D sends the boat speed data and those of the wind iPolar to display the graph of the polar. A utopia ? This is all the more interesting with the new ultrasonic sensor available in itabnav. Telescoping possible between the data from the wireless and Bluetooth ?
    Thank you again for all the info. Cordially. Daniel

  5. Hello Francis
    I think there is a new problem between iNavX and the latest iOS update 11.0.3.
    A message “unavailable connection” appears at the top left of the map, and the instruments are no longer visible.
    All other app using location work very well on my iPad Air (road and marine navigation GPS)
    Do you know?

    • I do not have these problems.
      1. check that iNavX not disabled the Location Service
      2. verify that your account is still connected
      3. make sure you show well the toolbar (blue triangle icon in the top left).
      P.S. An update is available today.

  6. Thank you for your reply.
    In iNavX effect is no longer in the location service .All the rest is ok.
    How to reactivate ?