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Updated tutorial “Prendre la météo par téléphone satellite”

prendre la meteo par telephone satelliteThe first tutorial appeared from Navigation Mac in ’iBook Store in French : " Prendre la météo par téléphone satellite – MacBook – iPad – iPhone ». General revision of the book, updating illustrations and videos, update satellite phones and communication pricing, suppression software Navimail.

  • 48 double-pages
  • 87 screenshots
  • 4 video tutorials

How to request GRIB weather files from a Mac, an iPad or iPhone. Devices to implement, procedures, applications. A step-by-step featured with numerous illustrations and links needed. Updates for free as major new products come up.

Available in 51 Apple iBook Stores the price of 9,99 €

Compatible with the application iBooks Apple iPad and Mac OS 10.9 and later. —


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. FYI, Podcasts weather seem not available on iTunes Canada store.
    The podcast navigation are by cons.

  2. Hello, about satellites and communication via satellite, how such weather receive or transmit messages to Earth, You might one day make a tutorial or article explaining the use of Ybtracking ?
    I am interested in this tool but I am not sure I understand all the features. Thank you very much

    • YB Tracking is simply a communication service / tracking / SOS based on the Iridium network, equivalent and service competitor Garmin inReach. They also offer a laptop that, ostensibly, seems to come from the same manufacturer. One can get the same services with an Iridium 9575 Iridium or un GO! cheaper.

  3. OK thanks a lot
    But Ybtracking or Garmin inreach in there the unit must subscribe, I guess right or not?