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Navionics Sonar Charts available for iNavX [Update-2]

Fugawi just joined any charting NavionicsPlus on its servers, to provide applications as iNavX. Once these new charts installed, "Chart" view displays two tabs to switch the standard chart (Nautical) to Sonar Chart (Sonar).

Fugawi says that users of Navionics Gold+ current may claim to a coupon code 50% to replace their chart with a NavionicsPlus covering the equivalent region. indicating what Navionics chart collection is on their account, either it is valid or expired, and for which device (iPhone or iPad). Fugawi then return a discount code to enter when purchasing the NavionicsPlus selected. The purchase can be done directly from iNavX, but also from your Fugawi account, I advice you.

So, in example, if a customer uses Navionics Gold 46XG for iPad (west coast of Europe and inland waterways), they can send an email to and ask for a discount 50% NavionicsPlus for Western and Central Europe iPad version. The customer will visit this webpage, click on “Add to Cart” and enter discount code. Instead of paying about 73 € , it will only pay 37 About €.

[Update 24 th July 2017] Navionics Gold + cards disappeared Catalog for the benefit of Navionics +. However, Sonar Charts should be used with great caution . Some may still remember of setbacks experienced in October 2015. I also never hidden my skepticism about the origin of the bathymetry in those charts (¹), while the standard nautical charts are of incontestable quality.

Warning also about storage size needed : new charts Nautical + Sonar take more than twice the space occupied by an equivalent region Navionics Gold !

(¹) Marine Navionics always stronger
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Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. Wow, 90.1 kts de SOG. De quoi en montrer à Franck Cammas 😉

    Qui veux payer pour des cartes à bathymétrie questionnable ?

  2. Y a-t-il eu une nouvelle mise à jour de iNavx? Toutes mes cartes Navionics ont de nouveau disparu et impossible de les récupérer!

    Dans l’ongletmes cartesje ne trouve que les cartes NOAA.

    I am thinking of changing app…

  3. Francis
    Juste un message de remerciement pour votre site. Comme beaucoup mes cartes ont disparu. Le fait de savoir que c’est un probleme repertorie est rassurant.
    Apres contact inavx qui m’a reroute vers fugawi j’ai pu recupere mes cartes apres la deconnexion reconnexion.
    Merci aussi a Jim et Andre de inavx et fugawi
    Cool! étant en navigation, c’etait moins cool sans carte !!
    Bien a vous

  4. Moi aussi, mes cartes ont disparu à la mise à jour 🙁
    Comme suggéré par Francis et certains commentaires, j’ai adressé un mail à en leur expliquant le problème (in English), et ils m’ont répondu très gentiment en me permettant de re-télécharger mes cartes (qui avaient plus d’un an) jusqu’à la fin du mois.
    Suddenly, ces nouvelles cartes sont à jour :-))
    Formidable, isn't it ?
    I, je dis BRAVO et MERCI !

  5. Hello
    Je suis débutant dans ce monde et je voudrais des conseils pour mon installation.
    J ai une vhf ais gps ,un multiplexeur wifi nmea et ipad mini 4 g , I downloaded inavx and wonder what cards to buy for Atlantic navigation and receive the ais on my screen.

  6. Thank you for your answer, j bought the card and also the update, the marine n card appears not sue support?