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9 November 2018

Fugawi charts service is discontinued [Update]

It's official, on 30 November 2018, Johnson Outdoors Company, recently acquired Fugawi (*), decided to stop its activities. After discontinuing the distribution of their PC navigation software in August 2017, having closed the marine equipment shop selling online last spring, it is the turn of the download charts server to disappear. Read more →

25 october 2018
comments Off Update on tutorial "Take the weather satellite phone"

Update tutorial "Get Weather Forecast with Satphone at Sea

The first tutorial by Navigation Mac appeared in 2012 in ’iBook Store in French : " Prendre la météo par téléphone satellite – MacBook – iPad – iPhone » is regularly updated to meet changing : update illustrations and videos, update satellite phones and communication pricing, update new relevant applications.

  • 48 double-pages
  • 87 screenshots
  • 2 video tutorials

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24 october 2018
comments Off Read on : « Beaufort, Admiral Wind "by Raymond Reding

Reading : « Beaufort, Admiral Wind "by Raymond Reding

It's a long time since I had made a reading note in this category. Lack of time, or lack of discovery ? I found again a real literary enthusiasm from reading this excellent book by Raymond Reding : " Beaufort, Admiral wind ».

Like any sailor that complies, I know the Beaufort scale since my first legs in sailing school, but, shame on me, I never wanted to know more about this famous Francis Beaufort ! Raymond Reding, went like me through Les Glénans Sailing school, finally fills this gap with the dismal delight. Read more →

14 october 2018

Reed's Almanac iPad application is discontinued

In February 2016 I wrote a laudatory article about this digital version of Reed's Nautical Almanac, a wealth of information on the coasts of western Europe. Alas, Bloomsbury editor, which bought Reed's editions a few years ago, has decided otherwise. The end announced earlier this year was conducted in September.

Those who are already owner of the app, with a subscription “all areas” can continue using it. However all daily information from an internet connection (weather, MetOffice weather maps, tides, aso.) will no longer be updated, nor the permanent nautical and port information. Fortunately the latter are present in memory in the application, and still usable a few years.

Bloomsbury provides only the traditional paper books, accompanied by a perfectly indigestible PDF version.

What a pity!


30 August 2018

TimeZero makes its (mini-r)evolution on iOS

After 3 years without major changes (¹), TimeZero (now under Nobeltec brand) comes on iPad with a new name and a new logo. Doesn't it remind you anything ? A sense of déjà vu ?

TimeZero becomes TZ iBoat. No revolution in the UI, all functions already present in the update 2015 are in place (AIS support, Furuno DRS4W Radar support, current and tide gauges display, etc.). So what's new for this new name ? looking good… Read more →

27 th July 2018
comments Off Weather4D on on The Long Road 2018

Weather4D on The Long Road 2018

Fanch Guillon is a participant in the rally “The Long Road 2018“. Arranged in parallel with the “Golden Globe Race”, but no other purpose than to commemorate the spirit of the Long Road Moitessier. This rally pilgrimage created by the late Guy Bernardin meets 23 marine several nationalities. Read more →

25 th July 2018

AIS Transponder, dedicated antenna or antenna splitter ? [Update]

spl2000I relayed by an article published in 2014 on the blog Digital Yacht which provides an excellent discussion of the choice of the antenna to be installed for a transceiver AIS. You will find below a transcript freely adapted by my care.

One of the most frequent questions asked by boaters who want to buy an AIS Class B Transponder : which antenna VHF use ? Read more →

17 th July 2018

New for Weather4D

The last update of the three applications Weather4D (Lite, Routing, Routing & Navigation) several user-requested improvements in the display of meteograms. But what is less obvious is a big work on the charts display in the Routing & Navigation, to better streamline the tiles overlay at different scales, during handling of zoom and slide, and to remove “black areas” sometimes subsisted on less efficient old generation devices. Read more →