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Predict thunderstorms with Weather4D

weather4dThe new version Weather4D 1.2 features a new weather parameter : CAPE

Convective Available Potential Energy, in French : Available potential energy of convection. Behind these names barbarians hiding a powerful tool for predicting storms. The CAPE is measured in joules per kilogram of air (J / Kg) and defines the energy of a particle buoyancy of warmer air in a colder atmosphere. In other words, vertical acceleration of the particle of air will be directly related to this energy measurement.

CAPE therefore gives a measure of the instability of an air mass. The CAPE is a parameter used by meteorologists to estimate the potential for violence of a storm. Actually, over the updraft is strong, more it can support large hail, or a large amount of precipitation.

For the least scientific of us, Olivier Bouyssou, with great teacher, explains :

“The CAPE is not a sufficient condition for the occurrence of storms. By analogy it can be compared to the powder in the barrel but it is also the bit ... and the lighter to light it. Actually, is an interesting indication if it is accompanied by precipitation. Values ​​in France > 2000 J / Kg + Rainfall is often associated with severe thunderstorms. Must therefore be interpreted as a probability.”

weather4d cape

CAPE displayed in shades of red associated with precipitation isoareas displayed in blue

Weather4D 1.2 adds this data in the query parameters available. This is useful information for predicting the occurrence of storms. To activate, you must select in the settings area and display options.

The most advanced of you can visit the article on the Wikipedia CAPE :

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