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Severe Navionics pricing increase at Fugawi [Update]

[Updated] Obsolete article. See Waltz of the Navionics in Fugawi labels.

Bad news for iNavX users with iPad and iPhone, the price of Navionics charts on the Fugawi website has been recently revised upward, a strong increase : from 20 up to 30% increase by region ! In addition, the price of the annual purchase renewal, that was for three years 50% the initial purchase, rise to 60%.

We were used to a steady increase of Navionics tariff in Fugawi (¹) but since 2014 It had not changed. There's a serious catch-up ! Oddly enough, the price of the same accessible areas directly from Navionics Boating applications remains much lower and… unchanged.

Finally, iNavX 5.0, having introduced the possibility to purchase charts directly from the application (in-app purchase), offers highest prices in euros 5 up to 16% pricing converted into euros on the website Fugawi/Charts. Margin levied, or tax between USA and Canada ? Go figure…

See this by a small comparison table…

By selecting our best-selling regions in France :

A quick test performed buying a chart on Fugawi website and its conversion into euros in the shopping cart highlights the gap with the price in euros displayed in iNavX (Charts > Store). So it's best to buy or renew your charts from your Fugawi account than directly from iNavX.

What impact have these new prices on iNavX sales, hard to say. But when charts prices reaches or exceeds 100 EUR, It is likely that users will watch competition.

(¹) Navionics charts trade policy


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. How to kill an application ? You just give a very nice illustration.
    Déjà qu’avec les bugs à répétition les nouveaux propriétaires d’iNavX avaient fâché tous les utilisateurs !!! Now they offer a shortcut for downloading maps which costs 12% more than the same on-line service on the Fugawi website.
    And what of the Navionics and Fugawi distributor policy !!! A real yoyo.
    Already and it's a shame, they want us to believe that the maps are different on an Ipad, an Iphone or a screen multifunction and we make them pay 3 X (I assure you it is the speech on the Navionics stand)
    Plus le temps passe et plus les gens se tourneront effectivement vers des solutions autres. Il y a le choix sur un marché très concurrentiel. Perso je privilégie l’outil qui intègre tout ce dont j’ai besoin pour naviguer. Et comme en son temps pour iNavX c’est la même personne qui assure les Tutoriels pour cet outil 😉

    • A leur corps défendant, les achats “in-app” dans iNavX sont soumis aux 30% de prélèvement Apple. However, une clause du réglement de l’Apple Store impose qu’aucun produit “in-app” ne doit être d’un prix supérieur au même produitoff-app”.

  2. Another reason to switch to weather4D2.

  3. Mouais, Weather4D 2.0. But the purchase and download of maps is very complicated and I failed to download the vector. Hey I'm a neophyte and I haven't had time to study the tutorial downloaded on iBook.
    But honestly, I'm starting to consider Maxsea Timezero learning that increasingly seems to be especially durable and viable solution… to follow.

  4. Me it's been two years since I went on iSailor and I am very satisfied, completed by the offshore Avalon router is perfect.

  5. Hello,
    Updates are real ?
    After buying these updates, I was surprised to find that the BX4 buoy at the entrance of the Garonne was still badly positioned ! (Change of position in 2014)
    This buoy is correctly positioned on the site of Navionics

  6. On iSailor the purchase of cards is in mode app. Updates are free. A card bought iPad is free on iPhone, and vice versa. The cards are not very expensive. Ex : 35€ for the Ireland. iSailor is one of the few to control the autopilot.

  7. I was also very happy to iSailor, I buy more cards on iNavX. I use the one I have but for me this app is dead.