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17 June, 2011
comments Off Connect to a wireless instruments with the iPad SeaMate 1A Lite

Connect instrument to an iPad with SEAMate 1A Lite WiFi

In the spring 2008, Mølgaard Marine House Company has designed one of the first multiplexers WiFi for connecting the pleasure of navigation instruments and an AIS to an embedded computer. If this product is still available today, the … Continue reading

7 August 2010
comments Off on MacENC, iNavX and TCP / IP

MacENC, iNavX and TCP / IP

Despite the online Help iNavX and various tutorials on the subject, a lot of requests received and complexity of subject imposed on me a quick explanation.
The TCP/IP protocol
TCP / IP stands for "Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol" and is pronounced “T-C-P-I-P”.
TCP / IP is a protocol … Continue reading