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Waltz of the labels for Navionics in Fugawi

Since my recent article Navionics prices severe the company Fugawi has just announced a correction to the tariff reduction for Navionics charts records. In addition, the price of the annual renewal purchases, that was for three years 50% the initial purchase, then recently increased to 60%, comes back again to 50%. Go figure !

We were used to a steady increase of Navionics tariff in Fugawi (¹) but since 2014 It had more evolved. We are seeing this year 2017 a real Waltz of the labels, including for Navionics Boating HD applications.

However, iNavX 5.0 having introduced the possibility to purchase charts directly from the application (in-app purchase), offers much higher of prices in euros which remain 5 up to 16% pricing converted into euros on the website Fugawi/Charts. Margin charged by Apple, or tax between USA and Canada ? Go figure… This can still change.

See the comparison chart update :

Selecting the top selling regions for iNavX in France :

The prices in red are modified since February

A quick test performed buying a chart on Fugawi website and its conversion into euros in the shopping cart highlights the gap with the price in euros displayed in iNavX (Charts > Store). So it's best to buy or renew your charts from your Fugawi account than directly from iNavX.

This fix should provide real relief for users. However, with prices of cards proposed meeting or exceeding 100 EUR, It is unlikely that the procurement function integrated in iNavX meeting a great success.

(¹) Navionics charts trade policy


Author : Francis

Since 2009 independent IT trainer and consultant for boating. Translator of many navigation applications on iOS and MacOS. Professional in boating for over 25 years, I provide training for applications and consulting and assistance for the integration of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) on pleasure boats.


  1. Hello,
    Impossible to order the navionics 46XG Europe…
    Refusal of the credit card ???
    What you it in Fugawi ?
    Does go through a ' renew’ from the iPad, the price is no longer the same…
    Still a lot of … with this software iNavx

  2. 2(episode) :
    – Order accepted
    – Invoice received by mail
    – BUT : impossible to download the maps : ” Product not available. You must first complete the purchase on the site X-Traverse…”

  3. Thank you
    I'll try again…
    Nothing if I disconnect / reconnect from the iPad, but I connect to X-Traverse from him and not on Fugawi where I made the order (from my iMac).

  4. How to download a card bought on Fugawi through iMac, on an iPad ?
    That is the question !!!

  5. I just bought the 28 XG
    Since the ipad via Apple store = 99 €
    directly at X traverse via my PC = €65 !!!!!!

  6. Did you download this map on your iPad ?

  7. It seems that everything is easy if one goes under in re-buying caudine forks by iTunes cards…

  8. I have all these problems with iSailor and the app works very well …

  9. MAJ successfully passed. Whew !!!
    See you…

  10. For half the price of Atlantic and Mediterranean cards I passed on Weather4D !