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Weather4D – Updated user guides Routing & Navigation

The French and English manuals updated are recently published by Apple Books. Included the latest features of Weather4D Routing & Navigation 2.0.47 from 12 th July, mainly :

shortcut menu on the routes for changes
Contextual menu … Continue reading

Geogarage to introduce ENC charts for Weather4D

Geogarage, the mapping platform of raster charts derived from official services, today introduced two ENC-S57 rasterized charts layers for Weather4D Routing & Navigation, covering Spain and Croatia. The recent update June, 12 June … Continue reading

Weather4D and SailGrib improve the AIS network

Many AIS tracking networks broadcast over the Internet are available. Among the best known : Marine Traffic, Vessel Finder, SiiTech, LocalizaTodo, and many others. One of these networks especially stands out, AIS Hub, a data sharing center … Continue reading

The new AIS transponders Class B + explained

A new transponder generation (¹) AIS Class B + claims to make them more visible pleasure boats. here's how…

VMG / VMC – for Dummies

Navigation applications are full of acronyms. This coded and cryptic language was originally developed for electronic navigation instruments, GPS mapping and other chartplotters. These acronyms, in the form of three letters most often, are contracting … Continue reading

Man Over Board

At all times the sailors had the fear of the sea fall. Even with a trained crew, the operation of recovering a crew water fallen is risky, Already with the engine, even more with the sail. … Continue reading

Weather4D – User Guides updated

Christmas comes soon, and Apple Books Store will close its doors for the holidays. Publishers are required to send their works according to a prescribed schedule. So I updated ahead textbooks users in French and English … Continue reading

New for Weather4D

The last update of the three applications Weather4D (Lite, Routing, Routing & Navigation) several user-requested improvements in the display of meteograms. But what is less obvious is a big job on our maps in … Continue reading

Weather4D makes its (r)evolution

Hear, hear ye, hardy boaters, new Weather4D applications come up !
I have written “the” in the plural. Both historical applications of Sarl APP4NAV, Weather4D (March 2011) et Weather4D Pro (November 2011 ), change to the user interface of the now famous application … Continue reading

iOS 11 and navigation applications

Among the many new features provided by iOS 11, I particularly enjoyed the improved multitasking functions. The addition of a “Dock” retractable in MacOS way, function “SlideOver” associated with the function “SplitView” already present in iOS 10. This will greatly improve … Continue reading

Digital charts : purchase or subscription [Update] ?

[Update December 3 March 2019]
With the multiple charts disappearances during the successive updates of iNavX, I received a number of requests for assistance in the recovery of the said charts.
Regardless of the fact that I am not the … Continue reading

Weather4D 2.0.20 The unlimited charting

We hoped for months, were expected, We waited - or we grew impatient, it depends - Well, here it is : last update Weather4D 2.0.20 is finally available ! On the menu a major improvement : on March … Continue reading

Iridium Mail & Web : GRIB weather files on iPhone and iPad in open sea [Update-2]

[Update December 15 rd 2019] The recent update of the Iridium Mail app & Web gives me the opportunity to refresh the ticket originally written in December 2011.
WiFi Optimizer gateway RedPort the company allows owners of a … Continue reading

Weather4D tutorials 2.0

The french and English of Weather4D tutorials 2.0 have been recently updated.
The main novelty was to include subtitles in videos to improve understanding of “gesture”, Frenchified English word that sums in the context … Continue reading

The Weather4D 2.0 new is arrived

No holiday for developers ! I mentioned the upcoming new features tests during our long journey from Corsica to Normandy last May. After several weeks of finalization, and especially to early adaptation to future … Continue reading

Roseanor, 2000 nautical miles against the grain around Europe

Conveying a boat from Corsica to Normandy in May, It's a bit like making around the world backwards from East to West, in more modest. Two thousands nautical miles on the water against winds and tides, four weeks … Continue reading

Weather4D 2.0.11 a bunch of new features and improvements

Delivered in AppStore this morning after two weeks of revisions and contre-revisions of Apple services, still more picky, the new version is finally available. On the menu and in bulk : AIS by internet with AISHub, and direct access to Geogarage … Continue reading

Buy charts on Geogarage

Weather4D Routing & Navigation offers a variety of raster maps from numerous international hydrographic services. Charts folders are available for application on the French web server Geogarage. The cards are subject to an annual subscription by publisher … Continue reading

Weather4D 2.0 revisits navigation on iPad [Update]

Weather4D 2.0 is available on the Apple AppStore (*). After the success of the first two versions, APP4NAV company just revisit chart navigation on iPad and iPhone by integrating the timing dimension. With simulations and weather routing, … Continue reading

iPolar 2.0 and new Weather4D arrived

iPolar 2.0 comes with several improvements, which one expected from the origin : the ability to export the polar by mail. Done, and more export of polar (simple or multi-voiles) is done systematically in 3 file formats : CSV, … Continue reading

Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]

Since its announcement in February, the GO! is expected to come from dealers at the beginning of this month. The company E - SAT in gave me one to conduct some tests. Although too late to perform … Continue reading

Weather4D still makes greater finesse

With the basic 1.3.3 and PRO versions 1.3.9 delivered in November, Weather4D had replaced the GRIB files fine mesh Great Circle by its own files based on the American model WRF (¹), based on its own … Continue reading

Navigation Mac exports iBooks tutorials

In this age of globalization, Navigation Mac is a duty to make its contribution to French balance of payments.. While many navigation applications are designed beyond our borders, we can all … Continue reading

Navigation Mac tutorials #3 – Weather4D/4D PRO

A comprehensive multimedia user guide of Weather4D and Weather4D PRO : how to create weather areas and request GRIB weather files, customize displays, advanced routing features, satellite phone request, weather files management. A stepper … Continue reading

ENCs, Routing and sailing shaves stone

The relationship of a recent experience of an iNavX user and Weather4D PRO routing function invites me to bring a warning to the attention of novices boaters in computer use.
A regatta course, departure to … Continue reading

Weather4D PRO 1.3.3 improves routing

No respite for this application : two and half months after joining the currents in the routing calculation, this latest version provides significant advances on this function. The improvements provide greater accuracy … Continue reading

Weather4D PRO 1.3.2 adds the currents in the routing

With version 1.3.2, Weather4D PRO allows to get and display currents as GRIB data. At first, currents available on subscription are provided by the company Tidetech, I mentioned there are already some … Continue reading

iPolar generates speed polars for Weather4D PRO

You dreamed of it since Weather4D Pro has featured its powerful routing module. He did !
Our Toulousian crazy developer, Olivier Bouyssou, just sent Apple a new app : iPolar.
Developed in collaboration with - and on behalf of - … Continue reading

Vendée Globe 2012 and weather routing

During the morning of the Vendée Globe 2012, highly publicized (The palms à the>TELE for retransmission from 9:00 until 14:00 without interruption, immediately behind BFMTV) routing options weather raining on all sides.
With Weather4D PRO allows analysis … Continue reading

Routing comes up in Weather4D PRO 1.3

After several months of intensive development and testing, under the conditions mentioned in a previous post, Olivier Bouyssou propose to the date of the last Grand Pavois PRO version Weather4D 1.3.0. No additional cost, the routing module will … Continue reading

Weather4D PRO 1.0 includes routes from iNavX

The new application for iOS Weather4D PRO (iPhone / iPad), developed by Olivier Bouyssou, was submited yesterday to Apple. It provides advanced features associated with GRIB files for demanding users. It complements the Weather4D application that has got to be … Continue reading

Predict thunderstorms with Weather4D

The new version Weather4D 1.2 features a new weather parameter : CAPE
Convective Available Potential Energy, in French : Available potential energy of convection. Behind these names barbarians hiding a powerful tool for predicting storms. CAPE is measured … Continue reading

Weather4D 1.2 présenté au Grand Pavois

Weather4D 1.2 will be introduced by the designer, Olivier Bouyssou, at Grand Pavois boat show in La Rochelle from 15 to 17 September's stand
This new version 1.2, which will be available update on iTunes App Store … Continue reading

Weather4D 1.1 iPad and iPhone, on top.

Two months after out for iPhone, Weather4D (¹), by surprising Olivier Bouyssou, comes with a fully optimized version for iPad, with the modest release number 1.1.
This unique version of the iPhone / iPad is a simple free upgrade … Continue reading

Weather4D plays GRIB weather data for iPhone

For my 100th post, I propose a little gem.
The 24 March has appeared on the AppStore version 1.0 of Weather4D (*) that we owe to the French Olivier Bouyssou, a guy living France South. Yachtmen my friends, this is for me the most … Continue reading